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Tracking applications of underrepresented groups

Tracking applications of underrepresented groups

Reduced inequality

Tracking applications of underrepresented groups

As an aspiring world-class global institution, JGU lays a strong emphasis on developing a diverse, multicultural student body that draws on students from varying socioeconomic backgrounds, gender, age, geographical origin, sexual orientation, race, religion, ethnicity, caste, and abilities.

In its effort to maintain a diverse student body and empower students from marginalised communities, including women through equitable quality education, the university actively monitors the application and

acceptance rates for all students from marginalised communities in India and across the world. The university has partnered with Meritto (formerly NoPaperForms), which is India’s largest and most advanced SaaS-based education CRM system for this endeavour.

The staff in the admissions office at JGU use NPF to manage our application and admissions process. The system helps track and manage applications for all our undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral programmes. The CRM allows us to capture over 100 data points for each application including gender (Men/Women). The admissions team also uses this information to track the application, acceptance and entry rate of women candidates to various programmes at JGU.

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