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IDEAS Office of Interdisciplinary Studies serves as a university-wide incubator for interdisciplinary research by providing an interdomain institutional space for cross-pedagogical learning, while entrenching its core principles, ethos in core application of interdisciplinary thought and praxis across social sciences. Through sustained engagement with scholars interested in working beyond the narrow contours of their own disciplines, IDEAS facilitates collaborations across JGU Schools and Institutes to create a novel research ecosystem and thought architecture within each multidisciplinary research constellation.

​IDEAS hosts interdisciplinary research constellations that produce working papers, reports and scholarly publications, builds partnerships with civil society stakeholders and think-tanks, holds research outreach events for scholars, practitioners, policy makers, and others, and delivers cutting-edge training programmes for government, scholars, and third-sector organizations.

Innovative ideas

Partnering the intellectual diversity within O. P. Jindal Global University with innovative thinking to address research gaps and needs from the field.

Expanding Networks

Being part of a interdisciplinary research ecosystem through collaborations and mentoring opportunities that guide the mission.

Training Programmes

Ensuring dissemination of research to relevant stakeholders and capacity building programmes for researchers and institutional partners & organisations.

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We provide an interdomain space for cross-pedagogical learning and research, based on core principles of interdisciplinary thought and praxis across social sciences.

Get to Know Us

Our platform will serve as the foundation on which researchers can explore and build sustainable multidisciplinary connections
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We have numerous interdisciplinary projects spread across our six research constellations under office of interdisciplinary studies.

Ongoing Projects

Click below to know more about the IDEAS projects under each Constellations.
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Visiting Fellowship

An opportunity for external scholars with exemplary professional experience and mutual research interests to work with us!

Visiting Fellowship

Visiting Fellows will be involved in working closely with the IDEAS-research constellation to take the work and research plan of the group forward, as per the shared timeline.
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Upcoming Events

Do not miss out on the diverse range of flagship events throughout the year. See our Events calendar here!

Upcoming Events

We update our event calendar at the end of each month. New events will be added by August 2024.
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IDEAS: Where expertise meets impact. We fuse interdisciplinary research, strategic partnerships, and knowledge sharing to drive innovation and inform policy. From papers to practice, we empower scholars, practitioners, and leaders to tackle complex challenges and shape a better future.
Advisory Council
  • International Advisors
  • National Advisors
  • Institutional Advisors
  • Nazariya
  • Samagana
  • Swaroop
  • Interdisciplinary Approaches to Social Sciences Research
  • Interpreting & Using Visualisations in the Age of Misinformation

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