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How we can help students depending on where they are on their entrepreneurial exploration journey

Phase 1  

Early Exploration  

  • Entrepreneurial Aptitude/ Mindset feedback tests 
  • Curated Content to explore entrepreneurship topics 

Phase 2  

 Courses on related Concepts & Tools 

  • List of electives and brief on the electives 
  • Experiential Electives, Access to JGU webinars 

    Phase 3

    Actively Working on Creating / Growing your Venture

    • If you are at this stage and want help, please connect with us

    Reach out to Startup JGU!

    Please feel free to reach us at: startup@jgu.edu.in

    If you are at ‘Phase 3’ per above and have any query regarding your startup idea on how to convert into a business or you need assistance for expanding your venture or any other guidance related to operating a startup, we are there to support and guide you.

    Please ‘Tell Us More’ by filling the form which you can access by cicking the Phase 3 button above.