Support services for people with disabilities

Support services for people with disabilities

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Support services for people with disabilities

Disability Support Committee (DSC)

JGU endeavours to harness an inclusive learning environment for all its students. The role of the DSC is to assess students with long-term disabilities and determine necessary accommodations to ensure their equal and non-discriminatory access to all aspects of life at JGU.

Students with a known disability, requiring different academic and other accommodations are required to register with the Disability Support Committee (DSC). The Committee provides a range of accommodations to the conditions identified by the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act, 2016, Mental Health Care Act 2017 and UGC Guidelines. We provide support to students with a wide range of health and learning related conditions. These conditions include physical and movement related difficulties, visual impairment, hearing impairment, medical conditions, specific learning difficulties and mental health conditions. The Disability Support Committee maintains strict confidentiality in its discussions and respects the privacy of the students.


View Student Handbook for more information on Disability Support

Disability Inclusion Society for peer support

Apoyo is a student-led society at JGU for the support of persons with disabilities and mental health-related concerns. The society’s role is to provide support by directly engaging with persons with disabilities. For example, generalists may help a student with accessible technology or citing for an assignment. Note: The DSC (Disability Support Committee) is still the primary body of support. Apoyo is a secondary support system only.

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