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Promoting conscious water usage

Promoting conscious water usage

Clean water and sanitation

Promoting conscious water usage

Oorja newsletter by The Final Stand

The Final Stand (TFS) is a student-run climate change advocacy, law, and policy initiative in JGU under the mentorship of Justice Michael D. Wilson of the Hawaii Supreme Court.

Oorja is a monthly newsletter designed to share updates on climate change, the environment, and The Final Stand community. It covers the latest news on climate change and provides specially curated interesting reads, books, podcasts, movie recommendations and more for the curious changemaker.

The latest issue of Oorja talks about:

  • Maritza T. Adonis’s campus visit and conference on corporate social responsibility
  • Increasing heat waves and extreme weather experienced globally
  • World Wildlife Day

View Oorja Vol 3 Issue 2

Digital Poster making competition-2
Seminar to discuss ‘Can technology help avoid water wars?’
Digital Poster making competition
Digital art competition to highlight water conservation