Ethical Compliance

Ethical compliance

Peace justice and strong institutions

Chief Compliance Officer

As the Chief Compliance Officer (CCO) of O.P. Jindal Global University, Prof. Nitesh Bansal assumes a pivotal role in ensuring ethical standards and practices are upheld across the institution. With a profound commitment to integrity, transparency, and accountability, Prof. Bansal oversees a comprehensive framework for ethical governance that permeates every aspect of university operations. His leadership in overseeing ethical matters encompasses a multifaceted approach that involves proactive compliance, risk management, and fostering a culture of ethics and integrity within the university community. His responsibilities extend to developing, implementing, and continuously refining policies, procedures, and guidelines that align with legal requirements, regulatory standards, and best practices in higher education.

The university is committed to promoting ethical conduct among all stakeholders, including students, faculty, staff, administrators, and external partners. Through education, training, and awareness-building initiatives, JGU strives to instill a deep understanding of ethical principles and responsibilities, empowering individuals to make ethical decisions in their academic, professional, and personal endeavors.

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The Research Ethics Review Board (RERB)

The Research Ethics Review Board (RERB) has been established by O.P. Jindal Global University to deal with various ethical issues and questions that arise from conducting research with a view to ensure that the research projects developed conform to global standards of ethical guidelines. The RERB has set out guidelines which provide a framework for researchers to engage deeply and critically with the ethical questions arising out of their research, both theoretically and empirically when engaging with human subjects. An application must be submitted to the RERB 6 weeks before the commencement of the research project. The RERB, after completing it’s 3-tier review process, will respond expeditiously to the applicants. The Applicants must ensure that the research follows the guidelines of the RERB and conforms to global standards relating to the question of ethics in research.

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