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The Office of the Dean of Research (ODR), JGU was established in April 2020, with an objective to promote research activities and provide assistance to the various members of JGU on matters of research in a coordinated manner at the university level. The Office seeks to extend the boundaries of research at JGU through collaboration with leading research organizations and publishing research work that would be able to effect change. The Office also aims to establish a repository of research conducted at JGU and assist researchers in obtaining grants. Further, the Office intends to facilitate collaboration with other experts and thinkers, and to provide the necessary infrastructure and support system to increase the quality of the output and its impact. The Office thus functions as a university level central office which can assist research institutes, think tanks and other organizations interested in the field of research to collaborate with JGU’s highly qualified faculty and student body and also assist members of the JGU family to find funding opportunities and to collaborate with each other, with the aim of establishing JGU as a global leader in the field of academic research.

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Message from the VC

Professor (Dr.) C. Raj Kumar

Founding Vice Chancellor, O. P. Jindal Global University

LL.B. (Delhi), B.C.L. (Oxford), LL.M. (Harvard), S.J.D. (Hong Kong)

O.P. Jindal Global University (JGU) is a research-focused institution with a strong institutional commitment to foster knowledge creation and dissemination by conducting socially relevant research and meaningfully engaging with the local, national, and global community. The ongoing research at JGU in the fields of humanities, social sciences, public policy, international relations, environment, urban planning, business, and finance reflects our wide-ranging research focus. JGU faculty has over 3000 publications to its credit, garnering recognitions and citations from scholars, policy-makers and jurists. The excellence demonstrated by JGU in research has led to it being recognized as an Institute of Eminence by the Government of India in 2020, and becoming the highest-ranking Indian Private University in the QS World University Rankings 2021. As per these rankings, it is also the highest-ranking Indian University dedicated to Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities. JGU has been awarded the prestigious Jean Monnet Chair by the European Union in 2020 as well. 


Research contributing to holistic problem solving often lies at the intersection of disciplinary boundaries. JGU encourages intellectual and academic collaborations amongst its 12 schools, 60 research centres, and 3 research and capacity-building institutes. Housed within one of JGU’s 12 schools, our interdisciplinary research centres draw upon our varied faculty expertise from across the University to conduct their research, in the process not only contributing to the ongoing debates on important issues of national and global relevance but also leading and shaping these debates. 


JGU faculty and research centres routinely collaborate with other institutions through joint research projects. Through our collaborations and research partnerships with a range of public, private, and non-profit organizations including various ministries of the Governments of India, Japan, and Afghanistan, United Nations agencies, World Health Organization, European Union, British Council, Qualcomm and Facebook, our researchers have explored and addressed a range of issues of public concern in the diverse areas. These include trade and investment, education policy, agrarian policy, energy security, public health, mental health, gender equality, urbanization, digital piracy, civil society, behavioral studies, migration, and human rights. 


Research at JGU is supported through a framework of policies and committees that encourage and facilitate internal and external research funding, incentivize high-quality research, and promote the professional development of our researchers. To further enhance the institution’s research capabilities, we have established the Office of the Dean of Research. It is a university-level nodal office, with the primary objective of fostering a university-wide research ecosystem by facilitating research-related activities and by streamlining research-related processes at the institutional level. The Office has a three-fold focus: Projects, Grants & Publications, with a particular emphasis on inter-institutional research collaborations, especially with the institutions across the globe with whom JGU shares Memoranda of Understanding.  


The Office provides wide-ranging assistance to the JGU faculty with respect to research projects and funding applications. Amongst other decisive steps, the Office has initiated two university-wide research and publication-focused initiatives- the Jindal Research Facilitation Programme (JRFP) and the Jindal Researcher-in-Residence Fellowship (JRRF). The former is a six-month-long immersion programme designed to facilitate research at the university by providing a step-by-step path from conceptualization to publication. The latter is designed to facilitate inter-university collaborative research with scholars affiliated with institutions across the globe by hosting them as researchers in residence at JGU. 


As a private university dedicating to promote public service, through these initiatives, in the years ahead, we aim to further consolidate our past experiences and knowledge, invest greater resources and efforts to enlarge our research programmes, promote greater interdisciplinary research, incentivize research projects that emphasize social impact, encourage research efforts that engage directly with local communities, strengthen research collaborations, and participate actively in global knowledge creation opportunities. 

Professor (Dr.) Arpita

Associate Dean of Research, JGU

Professor (Dr.) Indranath Gupta

Dean of Research, JGU

Professor (Dr.) Chitresh Kumar

Associate Dean of Research, JGU

Upcoming Events

Past Events

Jindal Research Facilitation Programme, Spring

12th March, JRFP, Spring 2022, Session I, Prof. (Dr.) Ashish Bharadwaj, Professor & Dean, Jindal School of Banking & Finance

6 February, Introductory Session, Prof. (Dr.) C. Raj Kumar, Vice Chancellor, O. P. Jindal Global University & Prof. (Dr.) Susan Thomas, Research Professor of Business, Jindal Global Business School

27 March, Literature Review & Research Question, Prof. (Dr.) Shilpi Bhattacharya, Professor, Jindal Global Law School

24 April, Journal Identification for Publication, Prof. (Dr.) Anirban Ganguly, Professor, Jindal Global Business School; Mr. Alexandros Alexandrou, PhD Candidate, QMUL; Mr. Michael Dunford, PhD Candidate, QMUL

16 June, Advanced Qualitative Research: A Primer on Interpretive Empirical Methods, Prof.(Dr.) Laknath Jayasinghe, Professor & Vice Dean, Jindal Global Business School

23 June, Citation Styles and Reference Management, Dr. Priyadarshni Gupta, Assistant Professor, JGLS; Prof. (Dr.) S.G. Sreejith, Executive Dean, Jindal Global Law School & Prof. (Dr.) Mathew John, Professor, Jindal Global Law School

15 July, Road to Publication: Publisher’s Insight, Ms. Noopur Singh, Editor, Springer

Faculty Development Workshop Series: Research Ethics, Publication & Funding, Fall 2021

25 September, Decolonising Research: Ethics & Integrity of Knowledge Creation, Dr. Mousumi Mukherjee

24 November, Research Ethics, Publication & Funding, Ms. Daniela Amadiao, Head of Research Grants, King’s College, London; Ms. Rasangika Pelpola, Senior Research Funding, Associate-Team lead, King’s College, London; Ms. Claudia Campanella, Research Funding Associate for Arts & Humanities, King’s Business School, Dickson Poon School of Law

3 December, Journal Publication Process: Insights from Cambridge University Press, Ms. Anwesha Rana, Commissioning Editor-Social Sciences, Cambridge University Press, India

14 December, Institutional Research Ethics Review Process @ JGU, Prof. (Dr.) Krishan Kumar Pandey, Chairperson, JGU Research and Ethics Review Board (RERB), Professor & Director, Office of Doctoral Studies; Dr. Mousumi Mukherjee, Member Secretary, JGU Research and Ethics Review Board (RERB), Associate Professor and Deputy Director, IIHEd

Panel Discussion, 2021

24 April, Video Games and IP, Mr. Alexandros Alexandrou, PhD Candidate, QMUL; Mr. Michael Dunford, PhD Candidate, QMUL & Mr. Salvatore Fasciana, PhD Candidate, QMUL.

Other Events, 2021

19 August, Introduction & Training Session on Pivot-RP, Mr. Sanjay Ranjan, Sr. Training & Consultant Partner Customer Experience Asia Pacific, Training & Consultant Partner, Customer Experience

22 November, Integrating Scopus in Research Workflow, Dr. Shubhra Dutta, Customer Consultant, Elsevier


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