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Collaborate with us

Why Partner with Us?

O.P. Jindal Global (Institution of Eminence Deemed to be University) (JGU) is the perfect institution to partner with in terms of funding research projects. In a short span of just over a decade, the University has grown into one of India’s top research institutes, with a team of 1200+ highly qualified faculty members from all over the world, who are alumni of leading universities, drawing experiences from various countries. The University takes a keen interest in promoting research in various fields, establishing over 60+ interdisciplinary research centers and 4 research and capacity building institutes. Over 160+ externally funded and internally funded research projects have been executed at the University. Research done by JGU members has brought it national and international acclaim, with the Government of India recently designating the University as an “Institute of Eminence” and the University being ranked India’s number 1 Private University and among the world’s top 650-700 Universities as per the QS World University Rankings 2021– all within 12 years since the University’s establishment.

JGU faculty members also have over 6000+ publications, including articles in various national and international peer-reviewed journals and over 190+ books published by leading publications in the world, including Oxford University Press, Harvard University Press, Stanford University Press, Cambridge University Press, Columbia University Press, Springer Taylor & Francis, Edward Elgar, Routledge, Sage, etc. This provides evidence of the quality of the work done by our researchers and the recognition given to our output. JGU has also signed various MOUs, which have led to over 412+ collaborations with international universities in over 50 countries and over 50 joint research programmes. Thus, partnering with JGU opens up many avenues for our partners to engage in meaningful, quality research and also opens the door for members of the JGU community to disseminate their research work effectively. A potential partnership with JGU’s experienced and able research team opens the doors to do wonders in the field of academic research.

Collaborate with JGU Faculty

Any institution, organization, firm, business or independent researcher stands to gain extensively by collaborating with JGU’s researchers. The ever-increasing complexities of the issues presented to, and faced by, various institutions and society as a whole require research and analysis beyond the traditional kind. JGU’s strength in research is its multidisciplinary approach to complex problems, generating outcomes that are based on both sound theory, evidence and industry experience. Collaborating with JGU’s researchers provides an opportunity for organizations and individuals to have quality exchange of ideas and expertise, challenge fundamental assumptions and engage in a process of continuously fine-tuning and refining various hypotheses. The analytical strength of the research thus leads to dynamic and robust outcomes, which will draw upon both the academic knowledge and practical experience of JGU’s distinguished faculty and student group. JGU researchers and students will also be benefited by having the opportunity to work on complex and new real-life problems and will benefit from being able to apply their theoretical knowledge to practical solutions to generate various outcomes and solutions.

Our Partnerships

JGU has entered into partnerships with various institutions and universities, both at the national and international level to ensure collaborative research work with high impact that can be disseminated at a global level. The partnerships that JGU has entered into present a unique opportunity for knowledge and information exchange and prove to be a mutually beneficial relationship for all involved. JGU’s partner institutions include some of the leading research institutions and universities across all major continents. Such a wide network of partnerships ensures quality and a wealth of information that can be relied upon.

Work With Our Students

Internships and placements

Providing internships and placements to our highly qualified, motivated and diverse student body is another way in which institutions and organizations can engage with the JGU family. JGU draws students from multiple countries across continents, as well as students from all over India. The students are constantly trained in research and academic writing and have completed internships and obtained placements in some of the top firms, organizations, and institutions in the country. The student body conducts research activities on a wide array of subjects, and the talent can be tapped into by institutions offering them internships, or placements at the end of their courses. Indeed, the highly trained body will be able to effectively add significant value to the organization’s research work. Contacting the University’s Office of Career Services ( provides a path to long term partnerships with the institution regarding internships and placements.

Collaborate on real world projects

We assist external partners in collaborating with our students and faculty on real world projects. The talented pool of students and faculty across multiple disciplines at JGU promises a fresh, innovative, and interdisciplinary approach to societal problem-solving.

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