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Research Journals

Research Journals

A Platform for Cutting-Edge Scholarship
and Intellectual Engagement

Providing a space where researchers, scholars, and practitioners can share their groundbreaking work

With a multidisciplinary approach, we welcome contributions from various fields, spanning the social sciences, humanities, natural sciences, business, law, and more. Our journal serves as a nexus for cross-disciplinary collaboration, promoting the exchange of ideas and the exploration of diverse perspectives.

We are dedicated to showcasing research that not only addresses current challenges but also lays the foundation for future developments. Our contributors delve into emerging trends, examine complex issues, and offer novel insights that have practical implications and contribute to the advancement of their respective disciplines.

Research Journals

Jindal Global Law Review
Established in 2009, JGLR is dedicated to publishing high-quality interdisciplinary and critical legal scholarship that explores both historical and contemporary issues of global significance. Our journal, published biannually, features themed dossiers that delve into specific areas of law. 

Jindal Journal of International Affairs

Our journal aims to foster interdisciplinary dialogue and generate cutting-edge research on international relations, diplomacy, global governance, and related fields. With a focus on addressing pressing global challenges, JJIA publishes insightful articles, research papers, policy briefs, and book reviews. 

Jindal Journal of Business Research

JJBR provides a platform for academics, researchers, and practitioners to share their insights, theories, and empirical findings in areas such as finance, marketing, entrepreneurship, organizational behavior, and innovation. 

Jindal Journal of Public Policy

JJPP brings together scholars, policymakers, and practitioners to engage in critical discussions and provide evidence-based insights on a wide range of public policy issues. We welcome original research articles, policy briefs, and comparative studies that shed light on key policy areas, including governance, social welfare, urbanization, sustainable development, and public administration.