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The Final Stand

The Final Stand

The Final Stand (TFS)

The Final Stand (TFS) is a law and policy initiative by the students of O.P. Jindal Global University for climate change, focusing on climate literacy and legislation.

At the 14th University Day Awards (2023) the society earned accolated in two distinguished categories: “Best Accomplished Society,” for the second consecutive year, and “Most Active Society”. on a university-wide scale at O.P. Jindal Global University (JGU). The team consists of 80 members who have, over the past year, organised and participated in a variety of events and activities aimed at raising awareness and effecting meaningful change. TFS’s “Earthly” event, in collaboration with the Jindal School of Environment & Sustainability was a huge success, and they also hosted a seminar on the role of technology in averting water wars. TFS have engaged the JGU community through clean-up drives and numerous collaborations, and their “Bring Your Own Mug Day” event drew over 50 people, demonstrating the power of small, sustainable decisions. TFS have created ThinkOcean initiatives, and written pieces for their blog – Prakriti ( TFS has been about more than just raising awareness; it has also been about taking concrete efforts to effect change. They have circulated a draught legislative Climate Change Bill for public discussion, conducted projects on green voting, and other topics. TFS

Board for the previous Academic Year:
Nankee Arora, Deeti Shrotriya, Sanat Narayan, Bhuvana Katakam and Isha Suraj

Faculty coordinator:
Prof. (Dr.) Abhiroop Chowdhury|
Mentorship and guidance:

Justice Michael Wilson
TFS social media handles: