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Academic freedom

Academic freedom

Peace justice and strong institutions

Academic freedom

Session on Academic Freedom & Democratic Leadership: Autonomy versus Accountability

JGU’s mission is enabled by three key factors that were ingrained in JGU’s founding vision – academic freedom, institutional autonomy, and financial independence. Over the past 13 years, these enablers have given us the opportunity to commit to key institutional objectives – public service, pluralism, innovation, diversity, and inclusivity.

With the confirmed status as an ‘Institution of Eminence’, JGU has entered a coveted group of top 10 private institutions in the country to be unshackled from regulatory controls and be given full autonomy.

JGU’s status as a private higher education institution recognised as an Institution of Eminence by the Government of India allows us to commit to and enable academic freedom and institutional autonomy. We are also driven towards expanding internationalisation, promoting high-quality research and teaching, and financial independence.

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