Neutral platform to discuss issues

Neutral platform to discuss issues

Peace justice and strong institutions

Neutral platform to discuss issues


In accordance with JGU’s mission to imbue students with global perspectives on contemporary global issues, it organises Model United Nations Conference sessions under the aegis of the JGU MUN Society and its Faculty Coordinators. The MUN Society is a body that is jointly managed by Faculty and Student representatives. MUN seeks to hone the skills of all participating students in the art of understanding and articulating on any global issue or problem by simulating debates being held on these at the UN and its various organs. JGU’s own students regularly represent the university in Model UN Conferences, Youth Parliaments and other such activities across India and abroad. In a competitive simulation of the UN called “Model United Nations,” students assume the roles of delegates from various nations and work towards resolving problems in the real world using the ideologies and viewpoints of the nation they are representing.

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Conference on IP, Privacy, and Access to Justice in the Digital World Hosted by JIRICO & Georgetown Law School

The digital era has transformed the way we communicate with each other. Social networking sites and online business platforms interfaced with artificial intelligence, machine learning and internet of things (IoT) have simply transformed our social, political, legal and economic engagements. While the digital world has opened innumerable opportunities to engage in varied activities, it has also posed certain challenges. The digital ecosystem has transformed the way we perceive, create, own and store information and has even challenged our traditional notions of privacy and intellectual property rights. Governments and business entities are engaging in collecting data and creating digital identities. The pervasive nature of the modern digital environment raises concerns about privacy, how information is collected, who owns the information, what can be done with the information and where it should be stored. While the digital environment has facilitated businesses to thrive, we have also witnessed a sharp increase in cybercrime and digital piracy which threatens to disrupt the digital environment. In addition, new technologies can enable greater access to the civil justice system. It is necessary to explore novel approaches that are being pioneered to this end.

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Discussion on the Future of Legal Education and the Legal Profession in Democracies

National Virtual Conference on Economic Dimensions in Judicial Decisions