Women’s access plan

Women's access plan

Gender equality

Women's access plan

As underscored in the ‘Diversity and Inclusion: Towards Building a Diverse, Equitable and Global University’ report, Gender Parity is one of the 16 indicators of diversity and inclusion at JGU.

Gender parity and equity is a central goal for JGU in its pursuit to establish institutional spaces that value and embrace diversity in all forms and manifestations. Building diverse student, academic and non-academic staff bodies has been one of our key areas of focus. In a short period of time we have accomplished many milestones in increasing participation of women in our staff and faculty positions both at the entry and senior leadership positions.

JGU has been able to attract outstanding women academics, scholars and researchers as faculty members spread across all schools. Women are also well represented in leadership roles at JGU. This is evident in the number of women across the university in a range of functions – over 46 percent of our students and 49 percent faculty are women, and women hold 40 percent of leadership roles within the faculty, and 29 percent in non-teaching leadership roles. is has resulted through a conscious effort to recruit

more women students and staff by JGU’s admissions and outreach team, and human resources team.

Policy on Access for Women’s