Sexual and reproductive health

Sexual and reproductive health


Sexual and Reproductive Health

Swabhimaan, a Centre for New Economics Studies (CNES) initiative

The premise of Swabhimaan is based on exploring the intersectionality of gender across the discourse of development studies, social policy, and entrepreneurship. The team engages with narratives of individuals who are bridging gaps in societal expectations of gendered identities, highlighting their value creation process, as an expression of their creativity, with an objective to highlight hitherto under-represented voices in the mainstream discourse.

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Volume 2 Issue 3 – Sex Education
International Research Symposium on Sexual and Reproductive Health

Sexual and reproductive health (SRH) is a public health and human rights issue. It extends beyond physical health and includes the right to healthy, respectful relationships, inclusive, appropriate, and safe health services, access to reliable information, testing, and treatment, as well as prompt assistance and services (including access to affordable contraception).

Conversations on sexual and reproductive health also have implications for gender equality and related power dynamics, respect, safety, and freedom from stigma, violence, and discrimination. This symposium aimed to create a platform to dwell deeper on the various SRH issues and initiate critical dialogues around gender norms and existing business/governance structures that reproduce gender inequalities.

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