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Mental health


Mental health

Centre for Wellbeing and Counselling Services

CWCS is dedicated to promoting holistic well-being and mental health among all JGU students. The CWCS team consists of experienced and caring professionals, and is committed to providing confidential and non-judgmental support to address any emotional, psychological, or personal concerns students may encounter.

Services offered by CWCS:
  • Counselling sessions
  • Crisis support: The centre is prepared to assist in times of emergencies, offering immediate support and guidance when students need it the most. In case of emergencies, CWCS provides 24 x 7 helpline
  • CWCS volunteer program: A structured initiative that encourages students to participate in activities that are aimed at providing the JGU community with a platform to work towards others’ mental health. The program provides an opportunity for students to offer their time, skills, and expertise to support a cause they care and are passionate
  • CWCS-DSC: JGU endeavours to harness an inclusive learning environment for all its Students with a known disability, requiring different academic and other accommodations are required to register with the Disability Support Committee (DSC). The Committee provides a range of accommodations to the conditions identified by the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act, 2016, Mental Health Care Act 2017 and UGC Guidelines. The CWCS office assists the DSC with all the requests related to psychological support.
  • CWCS – COGSASH: COGSASH aims at creating and maintaining a community in which students, teachers, researchers, faculty members and non-teaching staff can work in an environment free of all forms of sexual The committee has its own framework and procedures as per POSH Act. CWCS supports and extends its services to COGSACH at various levels.
  • CWCS-USDC: JGU is a community of scholars dedicated to research, academic excellence, the pursuit and cultivation of new knowledge, and robust intellectual exchange among In support of this mission, every student of the university makes a commitment to strive for personal and academic integrity; to treat others with dignity and respect; to honour the rights and property of others; to take responsibility for individual and group behaviour; and to act as a responsible citizen in a free academic community and in the larger society. Any student conduct, on campus, of individuals or groups, that threatens or violates this commitment may become a matter for action within the University’s system of student discipline.

The University Students Disciplinary Committee investigates such matters as per JGU Code of Conduct for Students. They can request a CWCS representation in particular cases. The committee’s post deliberations may have students attend mandatory sensitization sessions at CWCS. The Chief Proctors Office shares such communique with the CWCS office.

  • YourDOST: YourDOST is India’s leading online emotional wellness Students can sign up using their JGU email address which ensures unlimited and free access to all their services. The platform provides access to 24 x 7 x 365 unlimited

one-to-one chat based counselling through professionals (psychologists, counsellors, career coaches) for instant help. Audio/video sessions are available for users who would like to avail such support. Users have access to the public discussion forums and 2000+ articles dealing with relevant issues; as well as access to discussion forums for JGU’s own students/staff members/faculties to help each other. On-site sessions (seminars/webinars/workshops) to create awareness on important mental health and well-being issues are also conducted in the campus.

JIBS Infotainment: Public access to mental health education

Envisioned by Professor (Dr.) Sanjeev P. Sahni – Principal Director at the Jindal Institute of Behavioural Sciences (JIBS) and Advisor to the Vice Chancellor of O.P. Jindal Global University – JIBS Infotainment is the digital media ensemble of JIBS that aims at discussing and deliberating upon various critical issues marrying the contemporary world from a psychological point of view. Dr. Sahni aims to reach out to audiences with little or no access to the academic world and disseminate the findings of behavioural research and experimentations in a lucid yet thorough manner. JIBS Infotainment broadcasts graphical video explainers and short documentary videos that accentuate issues primarily revolving around behavioural sciences such as mental health disorders, performance enhancement techniques, increasing behavioural competencies, and dealing with various psychological issues.

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