Outreach and free services

Outreach and free services


Outreach and free services

The Health Centre actively engages with the local communities through various programs aimed at promoting health and well-being. These initiatives include blood donation camps organised by dedicated student volunteers, highly subsidised blood investigation camps, Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) training, Automatic External Defibrillator training etc. We firmly believe that by actively participating in these programs, we can contribute to the overall health and well-being of the students, staff members, family members and community.

To keep everyone well-informed and updated on health-related matters, the Health Centre regularly sends health advisories to students, faculty and staff members. These advisories cover a wide range of topics, including preventive measures, seasonal health concerns, general well-being tips, healthy nutrition habits, exercise modules, and proactive approach to health promotion.

The Health Centre offers free OPD and IPD services to all the students, faculty, staff, workers and their family members associated with the university. This approach ensures that everyone has access to quality healthcare without any financial burden.

To enhance the patient’s experience, the Health Centre provides a convenient pick-up and drop-off service by using battery operated golf carts. This service ensures that patients can easily and comfortably reach the Health Centre from their location within the premises in no time.

The Health Centre is equipped with Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) and Basic Life Support (BLS) ambulances. These ambulances are readily available 24 x 7 to transfer patients from the Health Centre to higher-level medical facilities if required. The ambulances with a nursing staff are stationed at sports ground, polo ground and special event locations on a daily basis. This provision ensures smooth functioning of such events and immediate medical attention in case of any medical emergencies.

Recognizing the importance of health & well-being, the physiotherapy Centre provides Yoga training classes and Pilates classes for physical and mental relaxation, promoting overall health and wellness.

The Health Centre has an in-house laboratory setup, allowing for convenient and efficient in-house, free testing services to students, faculty, staff, workers and their family members. This ensures quick and accurate diagnosis, enabling prompt medical intervention when required.

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