UMS (University Management System)

  1. Video Guide to Create Assignment [PDF]
    a) How to create Assignment [Click Here]
    b) How to download submissions :   [Click Here]
    1. Video Guide to Create Quiz [PDF]
      a) Part-1 : Create Quiz :  [Click Here]
      b) Part-2 : Add questions and access Quiz Grade report :  [Click Here]
      c) How to mark questions mandatory in Quiz : [Click Here]
    1. Video Guide to Mark Class Attendance [Click Here]

    2. Video Guide to Enter Exam Marks  [PDF]
      a) Enter Internal  Marks [Click Here]
    3. b) Enter External  Marks [Click Here]

    4. Video Guide to Resources & Activities [PDF] 
      a) Creating a book on UMS resources   [Click Here]
      b) Add a Resource: File  [Click Here]
      c) Add a Resource: Folder  [Click Here]
      d) Add an Activity: Choice  [Click Here]
CollPoll :
      1. Video Guide for “Shuttle Booking” [Click Here]
      2. Video Guide to raise “campus help center service request” [Click Here] [PDF]
      3. Video Guide for “book a venue” [Click Here]
      4. How to give teaching learning feedback on CollPoll.
        a)  [Android]
        b)  [iOS]
        c)  [Web]


  1. Video Guide to raise requisition [Click Here]