IT facilities on campus

Internet Access 

OPJGU is a Wi-Fi enabled campus. You can connect up to 3 devices with your assigned username and password. We ensure 15 Mbps connectivity on a single device to give you a seamless experience everywhere except in the open areas. 

For the classroom 

Our classrooms are equipped with high quality audio-visual facilities like the projector, speakers and microphones. Some of other features and equipment that you can use are:  

  • Skype for Business– Your Office accounts come with free Skype for Business (note that this is different from Skype and comes with rich feature set) You can conduct voice/ video calls with other JGU account holders using Skpe for Business. For non-JGU Skype account holders, you can use the standard Skype too  

For the meeting rooms/ conference halls 

The IT facilities in the meeting rooms and conference halls include the audio-video equipment. Morever, we provide the following specialized equipment, on demand:


Skype Video Conferencing using the portable Logitech ConferenceCam Connect (Ideal for single user/ 1-3 user group)

Skype Video Conferencing using the Logitech Group (Ideal for 8-12 user groups)

Panaboard for easy use of a portable whiteboard and exporting the scribbled notes to laptop or email.