Sustainable food choices

Sustainable food choices


Sustainable food choices

Trusted sources and transparent partnerships

There is a defined vendor selection process and vendor audits of defined vendors is done by a third-party agency.

View Prequalification and Requalification process for suppliers

Third party auditor agreement

Sanitisation and safety

A Certificate of Analysis is obtained from all the suppliers. All Fresh fruit and vegetables are washed and sanitised ensuring they are free from herbicides and fertilisers. We do periodic food testing of random food samples ensuring the end product is safe for consumption.

View sample COA
SOP for food testing
SOP for washing and sanitisation

Special requests

JGU is committed to sustainability, and our dining facilities reflect that commitment. We aim to minimise food waste, promote responsible sourcing of ingredients, and reduce our environmental footprint. We encourage the use of reusable containers and actively engage in initiatives that prioritise sustainability in our dining operations.

The multi-cuisine dining halls are designed to offer a diverse range of meal options. Daily menu consists of craving local delicacies, international cuisine, and vegetarian dishes. The chefs prepare meals using fresh and high-quality ingredients, ensuring a delightful dining experience.

Vegan food is available on special request. There is a standard procedure in place for special requests.

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