Education associated with food sustainability

Education associated with food sustainability


Education associated with food sustainability


Jindal School of Government and Public Policy(JSGP),oneofthetwelveschoolsinthe University, engageswiththe contemporary policy environment, which demands new imaginations,methodologies,andrevitalised ethics. Through national and internationalcollaborations, JSGP promotes interdisciplinary studies, teaching and researchprogrammes,andstrivestodevelop a comparative perspective on local and globalpolicyissues.

JSGP Economics graduates must be able to understand the interplay between the economyandsociety;toconsidereconomicproblemsfromaglobalperspectiveandtakea localapproachtosolvethem. Electives include Indian Agriculture and Health Economics.


The B.A./B.Sc. (Hons.) in Sustainable Development uniquely combines natural and social sciences with humanities to equip students with a thorough understanding of sustainable development and its many facets. The programme is distinguishable from the B.A. in Environmental Studies based on its specific focus on the Sustainable Development Goals and its emphasis on scientific knowledge. The course includes subjects such as rural-urban linkages, sustainability, sustainable agriculture, food security and natural resources management.

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