OEFL initiates teaching programme of Indian languages

Inside JGU

September 2023

OEFL initiates teaching programme of Indian languages

While various centres of the Office of English & Foreign Languages (OEFL) organised 10 guest lectures, the Office has conducted the Voluntary Teaching Programme of Indian languages. The volunteer instructors included faculty, administration staff and students, and they imparted knowledge of Hindi, Sanskrit, Kannada, Tamil, Bangla and Telugu to interested students and others. The full course was to be taught in 16 classes.

Faculty members Prof. Dr. Sandeep Kindo, Dr. Michael Valan, Dr. Adya Surbhi, Dr. Piyush Pranjal, Prof. Raj Kapil, Prof. Samiksha Gupta (all from JGLS); administration staff Dr. Venkamraju Chakravaram, Mr. Ratul Bandyopadhyay and Mrs. Ananya Ratul Bandyopadhyay; and students Sravya Palla (Ph.D. Scholar JIBS), Prerna Srinath (BALLB21), Dhruv Upadhyay (JGLS21), Svarsha Karthikeyan (JGLS22), Nalin Kartik (BBALLB21), Aditya Jagadish Hiremath (JGLS22), and Ms. Neeru (Hostel Warden) conducted the classes.

Global Languages Lab conducts orientation session

The Global Languages Lab conducted its inaugural orientation session, conducted by Dr. Shruti Jain, the Lab’s Faculty Coordinator, on August 24. Dr. Jain delivered a comprehensive overview of various language learning applications, shedding light on their features and benefits. Attendees were treated to live demonstrations and received usage instructions.

Prof. (Dr) Jagdish Batra, Executive Dean, OEFL also addressed the gathering. The session marks the start for the Global Languages Lab’s journey in promoting linguistic diversity and proficiency.

Centre for Writing Studies conducts orientation session, workshops and panel discussion

Orientation Session: The Centre for Writing Studies of the OEFL held its orientation session for new students on August 24. The session, which opened with inaugural comments by Executive Dean, OEFL, Prof. Jagdish Batra, was attended by over 30 people. CWS faculty discussed various aspects of writing pedagogy and the events being planned for the Fall 2023 semester.

University-wide Workshops: Prof. Pankaj Challa conducted a workshop titled, ‘Authenticity’ in Film and Screenwriting on September 13. The interactive workshop was attended by 10 participants and discussed the key concept of authenticity in film and screenwriting-exemplified by the ‘authenticity’ crisis in the Bombay film industry today. The discussion also touched on the implications of authenticity on writing in general that transcends genre. 

Prof. Jyoti conducted a workshop titled, ”Voice’ in Academic Writing’ on September 20. The hands-on workshop was attended by 8 students, who delved into the idea of ‘voice’ in academic writing. It was explained to the students that voice that might be confused with style and opinion is rather arrived after a scientific thought process and expressed through both logic and art. On the spot reading, writing, and discussion made the learning dynamic for the group.

Panel discussion: A panel discussion titled, ‘Writing Methodology 1.0- Epistemology of Affect and Experiences’ was organised on September 22 by Prof. Jyoti. The panellists, Dr. Soibam Haripriya and Dr. Sumbul Farah discussed writing methodology with a specific focus on the ‘epistemology of affect and experiences’.

Centre for Foreign Languages holds panel discussion

The Centre for Foreign Languages of OEFL, in collaboration with the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), organised an online panel session on ‘Ask-A-German’. The panel discussion, held on September 6, comprised two esteemed German DAAD scholars currently engaged with Indian universities, Dr. Michael Stadler (Centre of German Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University) and Dr. Jan-Helge Weidemann (Department of Germanic and Romance Studies, University of Delhi), and the discussion was moderated by Dr. Shruti Jain, Associate Professor (German). More than 120 participants were attendance. The panel discussion covered topics such as study and work in Germany; German language, culture and identity; and associated subjects.