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Research Centres

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Research Centres

JGU’s research centres and institutes play an important role in advancing our research agenda and a significant part of our collaborative research work is carried out through them. Our research centres are conceptualised around subject areas of particular interest to the JGU research community and which also serve our research charter and overall vision. Over the past nine years, the University has established 52 research centres, in addition to three institutes that focus on behavioural sciences, executive education and leadership development and higher education research and capacity building.

Environment, Sustainability and Human Development (CESH)

The main focus of the environmental research group at JSLH is to merge environmental sciences with social studies, economics, policy, politics, climate, food, air, water, sanitation

Centre for Social and Political Research​

The Centre for Social Theory and Political Research (CSPR) aims to support interdisciplinary research on pressing socio-political concerns of our times.

Jindal Centre of Visual Arts (JCVA)

Jindal Centre of Visual Arts (JCVA) aspires to become a world-leading research centre which promotes interdisciplinary approach to the study of visual arts. . The idea behind setting up CSPR was to go beyond the disciplinary silos in which social science

Centre for New Economic Studies (CNES)​​

Espousing the philosophy of how contemporary economic theories look at socio-economic problems in a variety of ways, the Centre for New Economics Studies (CNES), through its research and activities, aims to focus more on exploring the diversity of the scholarship on economics.