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Student life at JSLH

Student Corner

"A bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts and Humanities was a game changer in my educational journey. The curriculum encourages both rigorous engagement and a great breadth of experimentation in developing a critical voice. Through a range of foundational courses from Music to Mathematics, I discovered my voice. I was able to culminate compelling arguments from a multidisciplinary perspective, communicate well and envision a market with a huge array of possibilities given any field. Though it is with confidence that I say that one’s imagination and experiences are the most powerful ways of walking a career, I am grateful to have had amazing faculty and academic advisors for streamlining my path and throwing constructive criticisms along the way. "
Sharnitha Karthikeyan (BALH-2016-19)
Currently a data Analyst at Onebe, Chicago, USA
“JSLH is more than a college—it's a nurturing environment that encourages exploration, learning, and innovation. The interdisciplinary approach to education is refreshing. It has broadened my horizons by exposing me to subjects outside my major. With their global experience and expertise, JSLH's diverse faculty has inspired us. JSLH's focus on research and independent projects prepared me for UC Berkeley. I've learned how to succeed in Berkeley's competitive academic environment through original research, international conferences, and faculty collaboration. JSLH's cultural exchange programmes helped me prepare for my semester abroad. Meeting international students helped me appreciate global diversity and adapt to diverse perspectives. It helped me adjust to UC Berkeley's culture.”
Kaustubh Pandey BALH- 2021-24
Currently on semester abroad program at UC, Berkeley, USA

The life of a student at JSLH is brisk and busy, but not hectic or frenetic. From the first morning class till the last evening one, it is buzzing and vibrant. Much of the day is devoted to the rigour of classroom learning and engagement, exemplified by heated, but healthy discussions. Between classes, a quick trip to the library to borrow reading material, a cup of coffee on-the-go and the student is ready for another round of classroom discussion.

Even the sharpest mind requires rest, especially if its service is to be called upon again. With a good night’s rest, the JSLH student wakes to confront a fresh day with renewed vigour and resolve. A JSLH Student is constantly on the move; not wandering aimlessly, but eagerly and with curiosity and conviction. 

The onset of evening marks the end of classes, but not of activities, both recreational and serious. While some students engage in sporting activity, playing cricket, football or tennis in the cool breeze under towering floodlights, others flock to attend meetings of several clubs and societies.

The JSLH students have founded, and run them, three popular societies:

  • Tareekh (the JSLH History Society),
  • Parthenon (the JSLH Literary and Mythology Blog)
  • Needle (the JSLH Literary Magazine). Website: