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Jindal School of Liberal Arts and Humanities

Founded in 2013, Jindal School of Liberal Arts and Humanities (JSLH) is the fifth school of O. P. Jindal Global University and is at the centre of its vibrant intellectual life. The school provides an interdisciplinary liberal arts education of a global standard. The aim is to educate young adults to become informed citizens of the world who are best equipped to solve the complex problems of our times, approaching them from multiple perspectives and with creativity. Faculty chosen from some of the best institutions across the world facilitate rigorous classroom study combined with experiential learning. JSLH students graduate and go into the world ready for its diverse challenges.



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Distinguishing Features and Pedagogy of JSLH:

With an emphasis on interdisciplinary studies, JSLH offers students a wide and deep exposure to humanities and social science subjects. Students learn in classrooms where they absorb a vast range of materials in collaboration with peers and teachers. They learn through texts, images, visuals, films. Their performance is assessed through written tests, research papers, team and individual presentations. We aim to have students who will become well-rounded individuals with the latitude and temperament to make a mark in any passion they pursue.

  1. Small class sizes: All JSLH classes are capped at a maximum of 30 students, enabling an interactive form of learning.
  2. Experiential Learning: Students learn through reflection and hands-on activity as in community engagement.
  3. Field-based Learning: Many courses in JSLH incorporate field-based learning.
  4. Mentorship: Each student is assigned a faculty member as a mentor that s/he meets each fortnight to assess their progress in the program.
  5. Training to think in interdisciplinary terms: A range of foundation courses train students to appreciate an interdisciplinary learning. JSLH aims to use technology as a tool and as a language; create gender awareness; and develop strong skills of ethical awareness through all its courses.
  6. A robust internationalization programme: incorporated in its curriculum and study abroad opportunities, encourages students to see the world beyond India’s borders and see the self as one among many different nations and classes.
  7. Emphasis on student research: Students are encouraged to work on a variety of research projects as part of a course. JSLH was the first school to start an Undergraduate Research Conference, inviting applications from across universities in India. Students have the opportunity to pursue individual research projects, as well as collaborate with faculty members through the many research centres across JGU.

Interdisciplinary Foundation

The foundation courses exposes a JSLH student to the fundamental ideas of various humanities, social sciences, and visual arts in an integrated manner.


Learning is not always achieved by classroom teaching. We augment these with Discussions, Debate, Hands‐on activities, along with field work and a student’s reflection on the experience.


A student is actively encouraged to pursue the major option depending on their passion. Depending on students’ demand, we introduce new majors as well.


A student’s imagination should not be limited by that of the faculties. A students can ‘design’ their major in consultation with two faculty directors.


To broaden the horizon, and encourage academic and personal growth, JSLH provides its student the opportunity to explore the world outside India. JSLH has collaborations with World’s leading universities. A student can go for short summer visits, or a full semester abroad.


Students along with faculty work with communities throughout India to further common goals through reflection, action and implementation of research.

Active Research Environment

JSLH has over 40 faculty members who are actively involved in research in their area of expertise. The students are actively encouraged to develop a research mindset even at the undergraduate level.

Personalized learning experience

JSLH faculty members work closely with students to foster a deeper understanding of the subject matter. Our small class sizes (<30 students per class), provide an atmosphere that encourages individual focus and active participation.
JSLH offers four different undergraduate degree options
  1. A four-year BA (Hons.) in Liberal Arts and Humanities, where students study different foundational courses in the liberal arts and humanities before concentrating on a subject of their choice from thirteen possible options. They also have the option of a double major as well as a self-designed interdisciplinary major.
  2. Bachelor of Fine Arts (Hons.): The aim of the 4-year BFA (Hons.) programme is to educate visual thinkers, who can critically address this new imagery landscape and the social challenges that it yields. While ensuring the mastery of our students over traditional skills of craftsmanship and image-making, they will be encouraged to approach art with conceptual and theoretical tools.
  3. The four year B.A. (Hons.) in Sociology at JSLH enables students to learn about the fundamental structures of human society and the processes that create, renew and evolve the way humans live.
One Year Postgraduate Diploma
  1. Post Graduate Diploma in Research and Innovation is a one-year diploma course that is tailor made for each student’s advancement of their research interests in their specified disciplinary domain. Students study cutting-edge research-centric courses, while being closely mentored by a faculty advisor of their choice.

JSLH offers a space for the expansion of young minds in an interdisciplinary curriculum rooted in the social sciences and humanities - the first of its kind in India. Through an interdisciplinary curriculum, derived from the core values of the mission of the O.P. Jindal Global University, JSLH re-imagines the confines of traditional linear education for the needs of versatile global citizens. Our aim is to break down disciplinary boundaries and redefine what it means to study the arts and humanities in an international context. At JSLH, our distinguished faculty works to create world-class thinkers who are simultaneously innovators. We train students for intellectual mastery, democratic participation, self-expression and advanced life-long learning.