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Graduate Outcomes

Graduate Outcomes

Graduate Outcomes


The internship program at JSLH is designed so that students across all our four – year undergraduate programmes complete five mandatory (credited) internships. Pursuing these internships in the winter and summer breaks allows our students to engage in experiential learning, bridging the gap between theory and practice. Moreover, internships provide students with the opportunity to explore various career pathways, participate in modern workplaces, gain practical experience, acquire new skills, and establish professional networks.

Our internship program not only allows our students to position themselves competitively in today’s job market, it also fosters a sense of social responsibility and civic engagement by engaging students in projects that positively impact both their communities and the larger world. Engaging in meaningful work fosters intellectual growth, personal development and a conviction in their ability to shape a better future.

Office of Career Services (OCS-JSLH)

Along with providing internship and placement support, OCS-JSLH works closely with our students to map their career interests and organise a variety of career development workshops, guest lectures with eminent industry leaders, and the annual Jindal Internship Fair. OCS-JSLH also provides support to students planning on pursuing further higher education by organising the annual International Education Fair, and by conducting guidance and mentoring sessions in preparation for the application process to graduate schools.


With their strong critical thinking skills and effective communication, JSLH graduates can look forward to a variety of possibilities for their futures and are well-equipped to pursue any career in a rapidly changing world. Our holistic, interdisciplinary programmes equips students to see and think from multiple perspectives. They are adaptable and comfortable with ambiguity and complexity.

Through our extensive network of industry partners and alumni, we strive to provide a diverse range of internship and placement opportunities spanning various industries. Our students find internships and placements in varied roles in research and analysis, content development, project management, designing and social media management, marketing and human resources, spread over the diverse sectors of consultancy, advertising, design, performing arts, journalism, publishing and media, non-government organisations, the corporate sector, corporate communications, public relations and more.