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Undergraduate Research Conference

Undergraduate Research Conference

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Undergraduate Research Conference (URC)

The Undergraduate Research Conference (URC) is a unique initiative of the JSLH, which promotes research at the undergraduate level. The school successfully organized the sixth edition of the conference during April 1-2, 2023.

The theme for this year’s conference was (In)Equalities, Endurance and Innovation: Liberal Arts & Humanities in an Evolving Context. In our post pandemic world, structural inequalities and implicit forms of discrimination have strengthened, gaining greater momentum. The precarity and impermanence of human life, households and communities experienced in the last two years, especially in the Global South, are unparalleled. Equally, we have witnessed endurance and resilience of individuals, communities, and institutions. More than 70 Sstudents from universities throughout India presented papers, exhibited their art, gave performances and entered discussion with students and faculty from JGU and other universities.

The program convenors-Gargi Bharadwaj and Yasodhara Rakshit organized the events with the aid of JSLH faculty and student volunteers. Distinguished keynote speakers were Padma Shri Shubha Mudgal and Mr. Sanjay Roy. The Educators Panel considered critical perspectives in education.

The Seventh edition of this conference is scheduled in the first week of April, 2024. Watch this space for more information.