JIBS holds International Conference on Victim Assistance

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September 2023

JIBS holds International Conference on Victim Assistance

The Jindal Institute of Behavioural Sciences (JIBS) conducted the 12th International Conference on Victim Assistance from September 7 to 9. The three-day conference, hosted by the Centre for Victimology and Psychological Studies of JIBS, was held at JGU. The theme of the conference was ‘Advancing Sustainable Development Goals through Victim-Centred Approaches’.

During the inaugural session, special address was presented by Prof. (Dr.) Robert Peacock, Professor at Department of Criminology, University of Freestate, and immediate past President of World Society of Victimology, and Mr. Michael O’ Connell, immediate past Secretary General, World Society of Victimology, and Vice President NGO Alliance on Crime Prevention & Criminal Justice (UN Vienna).

It was followed by a plenary session on ‘Advancing Sustainable Development Goals through Victim-Centred Approaches’ that was held by Prof. Sudarshan, Dean, Jindal School of Government and Public Policy.

The conference was focused around supporting and empowering victims worldwide. It engaged with renowned experts, researchers, and practitioners in the field of victim assistance and explored innovative approaches and ideas to promote healing, justice, and recovery for victims.

The sessions focused on issues of gender equality; peace justice & strong institutions; good health and well being. Practitioners, experts and educators from different institutions presented papers on these topics.

Professor (Dr.) Sanjeev P. Sahni attends Annual Conference of European Society of Criminology

Professor of Eminence (Dr.) Sanjeev P. Sahni, Principal Director and Founder of JIBS and Vice President of World Society of Victimology, attended the Eurocrime 2023: 23rd Annual Conference of the European Society of Criminology. The conference was held at Florence, Italy, from September 6 to 9. Dr. Sahni spoke about ‘The Global Emergence of Cybercrime: A Behavioural Science Perspective on Criminal Responsibility and Prevention’.

Dr. Sahni presented the broader picture of the present scenario of developing cybercrime and the changes it is undergoing in recent times. He emphasised on the behavioural understanding of the crime for better management of it. He stated that crimes in general and cybercrime in particular can only be tackled once we understand various motives behind them. For this, he said psychological, behavioural and even humanistic approaches have to be taken.

JIBS documentary released at Annual Conference of the European Society of Criminology

Touch Me NOT, a JIBS documentary that delves into the pervasive issue of bad touch in public spaces in India, made its much-anticipated debut at the 23rd Annual Conference of the European Society of Criminology. The film was released by Professor Stephan Parmentier, Secretary General of the International Society for Criminology, in Florence during the Conference.

The 30-minute film explores the rampant problem of sexually inappropriate touch in public spaces across India. Through detailed research, survival accounts, and expert insights, the docufiction piece sheds light on the psychological trauma, social stigma, and legal challenges survivors endure.

Ideated, shot, and produced by highly trained media academics and practitioners at JIBS, the film aims to highlight the urgent need for societal awareness, stricter law enforcement, and comprehensive educational initiatives to combat this issue and create safer public spaces for all.

Miss Universe Great Britain felicitates JIBS

Miss Universe Great Britain 2023, Ms. Jessica Page, felicitated JIBS on September 25 for empowering acid attack survivors across India. JIBS was recognised for its dedicated groundwork and pioneering research on cases of vitriol attacks, and the invaluable training and workshop opportunities they provide to acid attack survivors.

The event organised by the Chhanv Foundation at Sheroes Hangout, Noida, showcased the resilience and spirit of these remarkable survivors and highlighted the collaborative efforts in championing empowerment. Mr. Hanan Zaffar, Head of JIBS Media, was present at the occasion.

JIBS has closely worked with the Chhanv Foundation on numerous projects, the most prominent being the upcoming documentary on the plight of acid attack survivors. JIBS in April had also organised a five-day workshop for the survivors associated with Chhanv Foundation and hosted them on the campus.

Mid-career Training Programmes for Officers of Comptroller & Auditor General of India

JIBS, in collaboration with Jindal Institute of Leadership Development & Executive Education, conducted six-day Mid-Career Training Programmes for the officers of the Comptroller & Auditor General of India. The two programmes were held from August 28 to September 2 and September 18 to 23.

Prof. (Dr.) Sanjeev P. Sahni, founder & Principal Director of JIBS, conducted a session on ‘Performance Management’. While talking about different aspects of performance management, Dr. Sahni explained different methods of performance management. He also delved into the negative effects of criticism and importance of positive reinforcement.

Dr. Pulkit Khanna, Associate Professor and Executive Dean at JIBS, delivered a session on ‘Effective Communication’, wherein she explained the need and importance of communication skills on technical issues, while also emphasising on the constructive engagement with the client organisation.

Sessions were also conducted by Prof. (Dr.) Mohita Junnarkar, Professor at JIBS on ‘Emotional Quotient at the Workplace’ and by Dr. Vipin Vijay Nair, Assistant Professor at JIBS on ‘Financial’ and ‘Cloud Computing’.

Professor (Dr.) Sanjeev P. Sahni addresses teachers and students in Kolkata and Shillong

Professor of Eminence (Dr.) Sanjeev P. Sahni, Founder & Principal Director of JIBS and Vice-President of World Society of Victimology (WSV), conducted teacher training programmes at Kolkata and Shillong. The programme at Kolkata was held on September 2 and Shillong on September 30. The sessions were themed around ‘Emotional Well-being and Stress Management’. These sessions were attended by school principals, teachers, and counsellors.

Separately, Prof. (Dr.) Sanjeev Sahni also delivered a talk to students and teachers of Shillong Commerce College on September 30 on ‘How to Fulfil Your Aspirations and Achieve Career Objectives’. 

Transformative Lecture Series lecture by Mr. Vijay Bindlish

JIBS conducted a lecture on ‘Assembly Line to Code Lines: Navigating Employee Dynamics in Manufacturing and Software Industry’, as a part of its Transformative Lecture series. The lecture was delivered by Mr. Vijay Bindlish, Sr. Vice-President & Unit Head at Jindal Stainless Steel Plant, Hissar, on September 11.

With his extensive career in manufacturing and diverse experience in roles spanning various departments, Mr. Bindlish is uniquely positioned to bridge the gap between the industry and academia. Mr. Bindlish’s commitment to learning, innovation, and cross-functional exposure underscores his potential to facilitate collaboration and knowledge exchange between industry professionals and academic institutions, ultimately fostering a stronger connection between theory and practice in the manufacturing sector.

Mr. Bindlish spoke about the significance of effective dealing of employees and its benefits in the manufacturing and software sectors. Sharing his experience, he explained the ways of dealing and managing employees in the sectors.

Transformative Talk is an initiative by JIBS towards bridging the gap between the theoretical and the industrial realms of psychology, academia, and research.

Dr. Sakshi Mehrotra delivers Transformative Lecture

JIBS conducted a lecture on ‘Mastering Psychological Workshop Design: Crafting Effective Training and Facilitation Experience’, as a part of its Transformative Lecture Series. The lecture was delivered by Dr. Sakshi Mehrotra, Founder and Director, Mindlogs Psychological Services Noida, Uttar Pradesh, on September 15.

Drawing from her vast experience, she explained to participants details of creating psychological workshop designs. She underlined the importance of effective training and facilitation experience in clinical psychology.

Dr. Mehrotra is a Counselling Psychologist specialising in Existential-Humanistic Therapy and Certified NLP practitioner with approximately 17 years of experience. She is the Founder of Mindlogs Psychological Services. She is also an international affiliate member with American Psychological Association and Senior Advisory Member, Super School India.

CLC conducts guest lecture

The Centre of Leadership and Change (CLC) at JIBS conducted a guest lecture on ‘Navigating the Campus to Corporate Transition: Strategies for Success’. The lecture was delivered by Mr. Manoj Kumar, an experienced HR professional and Co-Founder and CEO at SmasHR Global.

Mr. Kumar shared insights on Interview Etiquette, LinkedIn Networking, and Crafting an Impressive CV. The participants were acquainted with preparations required for the road to corporate world.

Mr. Kumar is an accomplished HR professional with over a decade of experience in the oil and energy, and FMCG sectors. Holding a background in Human Resource Management and Labor Relations from Tata Institute of Social Sciences, he is certified in NLP, Leadership & Life Coaching, Mindfulness, Design Thinking, and more.

JIBS commemorates International Day of Sign Languages

On September 23, International Day of Sign Languages, students of Master in Rehabilitation Science and Master in Psycho-Social Rehabilitation at JIBS learned the Indian National Anthem and alphabets in Indian Sign Language. Students performed the same at Little Angels Inclusive School and Sanfort Special School, Sonipat, during their morning assembly. This was aimed at conveying their acceptance of diversity and unique needs through signs.

With a view to spread the awareness among the wider student community, a poster having the caption “Let’s Talk in Signs” having alphabets of Indian Sign Language were displayed around the JGU campus. The students also encouraged their friends and faculties to try their names using signs.

The United Nations General Assembly has declared September 23 as International Day of Sign Languages with a vision to increase public awareness of the value of sign language in the full realisation of people with hearing impairment’s human rights.

CCFS organises a workshop on forensic interviewing

Centre for Criminology and Forensic Sciences (CCFS), JIBS, hosted a workshop by Mr. Mohit Butta, Forensic Pathologist, Program Officer and Youth Coordinator at BOSCO UNHCR, on ‘Forensic Interviewing of Victims and Suspects’.

Drawing from his past experience in the field at Central Forensic Science Laboratory, he gave the audience a ground level understanding of the best practices in forensic interviewing and challenges with interviewing different types of interviewees. While emphasising on the need to be ethical and objective in their assessment, he elaborated on the scope and limitations of scientific testing techniques such as layered voice analysis, brain electrical oscillation signaling profiling, narcoanalysis and polygraph.

The workshop was attended by students and faculty from JIBS, JSPC, JSIA and JGLS who had a lot of thought provoking questions on systemic issues, vulnerability of interviewees, ethics and role of forensic psychologists as expert witness.

JIBS students visit Amar Jyoti Research and Rehabilitation Centre

The students of M.Sc. Psychosocial Rehabilitation and Master in Rehabilitation Science of JIBS visited Amar Jyoti Research and Rehabilitation Centre, Delhi, for an experiential organisational visit on September 22.

The institute is dedicated to providing equal opportunities and full participation to differently-abled students. Their work is reflected from the multiple accolades received by their students on various national and international platforms.

JIBS students witnessed the application of universal design of learning and inclusive education in several classrooms and interacted with the enthusiastic students and staff of Amar Jyoti. They also witnessed the indomitable spirit of students during their participation in a vibrant cultural programme and a basketball match.