JGU holds Jindal-Melbourne Joint Conference

Inside JGU

September 2023

JGU holds Jindal-Melbourne Joint Conference

A delegation from University of Melbourne participated in the Jindal-Melbourne Joint Conference held on  September 18-19 on ‘Envisioning Shared Futures of Education: Australia and India’s Global Potential’.

The visit of the delegation, comprising Prof. Lindsay Oades, Prof. Russell Cross, Prof. Therese Hopfenbeck, Prof. Sophie Arkoudis, Prof. Chi Baik, Dr. Tracii Ryan and Prof. Lisa McKay Brown, began with a breakfast meeting on September 17 attended by JGU’s Vice-Chancellor Prof. (Dr.) C. Raj Kumar and Dr. Mousumi Mukherjee, Deputy Director of International Institute for Higher Education Research and Capacity Building (IIHED).

The first-panel discussion of the conference, moderated by Prof. Reshma Vats, featured Prof. Lisa McKay Brown and Prof. Russell Cross from Melbourne Graduate School of Education (MGSE), along with Dr. Ameeta Wattal from DLF Foundation schools, India, and Prof. Sriti Ganguly from JGU as panelists. The discussion focused on achieving UN Sustainable Development Goal 4 through partnerships for quality education.

In the second session, Prof. Chi Baik and Prof. Russell Cross from MGSE with Prof. Mimi Roy and Prof. Ajay Pandey from JGU discussed university social responsibility, graduate attributes, and sustainability where Ms Aparna Chakraborty, Ph.D. scholar, IIHEd, participated as discussant.

During the third session, Prof. Therese N. Hopfenbeck and Dr. Lindsay Oades from MGSE, along with Prof. Tanushree Sharma and Prof. Tejpawan Gandhok from JGU, engaged in a discussion on educational leadership and management in the Industry 4.0 era. The panel discussion was moderated by Prof. Deepak Maun from IIHEd. The final panel discussion on ‘Internationalisation of Higher Education for Global Good’  featured Prof. Sophie Arkoudis and Prof. Chi Baik from Melbourne Centre for the Study of Higher Education.

The conference also had the inaugural Jindal-Melbourne Distinguished Lecture by Prof. Lindsay Oades on ‘Flourishing as the Purpose of Education’. Prof. Derick Lindquist, Dean of Jindal School of Psychology & Counselling (JSPC), delivered the introductory remarks before the lecture and Prof. Pulkit Khanna, Executive Dean, Jindal Institute of Behavioural Sciences (JIBS), coordinated a Q&A session followed by a discussion on future research collaboration.

On the second day, Prof. Sophie Arkoudis, Prof. Chi Baik, and Dr Tracii Ryan from the Melbourne Centre for the Study of Higher Education conducted a workshop titled ‘What is good teaching in higher education?’ for PhD scholars and interested faculty members. The Office of Doctoral Studies and IIHEd co-hosted the workshop.