JGU establishes Office of Interdisciplinary Studies

Inside JGU

January 2024

JGU establishes Office of Interdisciplinary Studies

JGU has launched one-of-its-kind Office of Interdisciplinary Studies to be led by Professor Deepanshu Mohan who will serve as its Dean. Created as part of JGU’s core value and mission of promoting interdisciplinarity and a cross-fertilisation of research thought across schools, this Office shall pursue a novel multidisciplinary, research-ecosystem based approach, with the initiation of diverse interdisciplinary research-based constellations.

Initiated as IDEA: Inter Disciplinary Engagement Across Disciplines, drawing upon JGU’s core values, the new Office of Interdisciplinary Studies at JGU will be one of the first institutions in the global universities network working singularly with a vision to incubate interdisciplinary research as an interdomain, institutional space for cross-pedagogical learning across universities, while entrenching its core principles, ethos in the application of interdisciplinary thought and praxis across disciplines at JGU.  

This Office’s main research mandate at JGU shall be to involve a gradual, measured process of building a new constellation of diverse research themes using dynamic, interdisciplinary thought-architecture that goes beyond the normative, applied axes of mainstream (social science) scholarship.  

Under the leadership of Prof. Mohan and his team, this Office will involve cross-appointments of Lecturers, Assistant Professors, Associate Professors from across JGU Schools, Institutes, with domain expertise across different fields of scholarship, from law to economics to history to sociology to anthropology to urban studies, etc. and anyone interested in working beyond the narrow contours of their disciplines.

A few IDEA-Research Constellations created within the Office of Interdisciplinarity Studies feature:

  • Global Inequality Studies: Study, Measurement and Progress  
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI): Ethics, Practice and Application Across Disciplines  
  • Spatial Design in Study of International Migration, Mobility Studies   
  • Political Economy of Risk and Conflict Analysis in International Relations  
  • Interdisciplinary Methods Lab: Designing New Experiments Across Social Science Pedagogies and Research Methods 

Each of the above IDEA-Research Constellations functioning within the Office of Interdisciplinary Studies would comprise of a core-group of two research fellows (one Senior Research Fellow and one Junior Research Fellow) as cross-appointments of Lecturers, Assistant Professors, Associate Professors from JGU-wide Schools, working with Dean Mohan, who will anchor the Constellation and the group of researchers for each thematic grouping.