CLIP conducts Teaching and Learning Faculty Workshop

Inside JGU

January 2024

CLIP conducts Teaching and Learning Faculty Workshop

The Centre for Learning and Innovative Pedagogy (CLIP) organised a workshop from January 24 to 25 designed to welcome and prepare the incoming faculty members joining JGU. The workshop incorporated in-person, synchronous and asynchronous online sessions, offering a comprehensive exploration of essential elements crucial to the dynamic landscape of teaching. Facilitated by educators from CLIP, the workshop addressed instructional design, technology integration and effective teaching methodologies.

The objective of the workshop was to equip faculty members with essential skills and guidance to confidently reshape their teaching approaches, thereby reducing knowledge gaps and providing the necessary tools to enhance student engagement in their courses. The workshop served as a foundational platform to ensure that faculty members could navigate the challenges of their new roles more effectively.

Key topics covered in the workshop included teaching and learning philosophy, learning taxonomies, and the backward design methodology. Participants engaged in various sessions such as enhancing learning outcomes through taxonomy-informed crafting, elevating student engagement through technology integration, methods of a master teacher, feeding forward and back with effective rubrics, and designing effective course manuals. These sessions not only furnished participants with practical tools and strategies but also cultivated a strategic mindset aimed at enhancing their teaching practices.