JIBS conducts masterclass, training programmes

Inside JGU

March 2024

JIBS conducts masterclass, training programmes

Jindal Institute of Behavioural Sciences (JIBS) conducted a masterclass on ‘Understanding Applied Perspective of Forensic Psychology and Excelling its Diverse Career Prospects in India’ and ‘Applicability of Forensic Psychological Investigative Tools in Crime Scene Investigation’ held by Prof. (Dr.) Beulah Shekhar, Chair Professor Criminology, LNJN/LFSU, and Mr. Rithin Joseph, Research Assistant, NFSU. The session was held on March 2.

In this immersive session, participants delved into the world of forensic psychology, gaining valuable insights from industry experts on its diverse applications and career opportunities in India. The masterclass provided a platform for engaging discussions, interactive learning and networking with fellow enthusiasts and professionals in the field.

JIBS conducted another masterclass on ‘Eye-to-I model: Hands-on techniques for managing children with Autism’. The session was facilitated by Ms. Nadiya Jameel (social communication therapist) and Ms. Manmeet Kaur Marwah (child and Adolescent Psychologist) from the Potentials Therapy Centre, Delhi. The session was held at JGU on March 11.

The masterclass aimed at offering hands-on training on structuring sessions using the ‘Eye-to-I’ model principles, developed and practiced at the Potentials Therapy Centre. The experts elaborated on some of the model’s key elements such as ‘visual scheduling’ and ‘social stories’, explaining how and when they are used, and how one can create and use them during therapy sessions for children with autism. They also shed light on the effectiveness of the ‘Eye-to-I’ model in improving the social and communication skills of children with autism and explained further scope of research in this area.

Book release function

The book release of ‘An Endless Search For Home’ authored by Dr. Bhasker Malu, Assistant Professor at JIBS, was held on March 6 at JGU. The book was unveiled by Prof. (Dr.) Pulkit Khanna, Dean, JIBS. The book is a historical fiction novel based on an immigrant’s life in Sikkim over the past 70 years. It is set against the backdrop of the geopolitical changes that Sikkim has undergone in that period and how the immigrant’s life evolves as a result of it. The book is inspired by Dr. Malu’s PhD work as well.

Participation in Magnus

As part of the JGU Magnus Sports Festival 2024, the Centre for Community Mental Health set up a stall called ‘Know Yourself’. In this, 116 students from the university participated in various psychophysiological and psychometric assessments.

The assessments used numerous tools, including a Memory Game, Trail Making Test, Reaction Time Test, Galvanic Skin Response, Anticipation Time and Ten-Item Personality Inventory. The programme lasted three days.

Workshop on cerebral palsy

JIBS conducted on March 22 a workshop titled ‘Understanding Cerebral Palsy: Strategies for Effective Management’ by Ms. Sunetra Halder, Counselor, St. Stephen’s College, University of Delhi.

The workshop was aimed at providing participants with a comprehensive understanding of cerebral palsy (CP) and equip them with practical strategies for managing individuals affected by it. Participants were acquainted with the effective interventions, physical management techniques, and behaviour modification strategies to optimise care and support for individuals with CP. With over two decades of experience in special education, counselling, and community engagement, Ms. Sunetra Halder has dedicated her career to supporting individuals with multiple disabilities and cerebral palsy.

Webinar on careers in behavioural science

JIBS conducted a webinar panel discussion on ‘Careers in Behavioural Science: Present and Future Directions’. The online discussion was held on March 28 with aspiring psychology students and their parents. The session was aimed at guiding such students who want to pursue higher education in psychology and informing them of choices and options available.

The panelists were Dr. Vipin Vijay Nair, Assistant Professor, Prof. Maneka Nair, Associate Professor, Dr. Amrita Roy, Assistant Professor and Dr. Finita Roy, Associate Professor, while Dr. Bhasker Malu, Assistant Professor, moderated the discussion.

Open House

Prof. (Dr.) Pulkit Khanna, Dean, JIBS, conducted an open house session on ‘Global Pathway to Higher Education’. Attended by more than 100 participants, the session was held on March 27 at Chandigarh.

Speaking at the session, Dr. Pulkit expressed that the Global Pathway aims to dismantle barriers that prevent individuals from accessing quality higher education, regardless of location or background. She explained that it should promote international recognition of diverse educational qualifications and experiences, fostering global mobility and career opportunities.

Mid-career training programmes

JIBS, in collaboration with Jindal Institute of Leadership Development & Executive Education (JILDEE), conducted mid-career training programmes for officers of the Comptroller & Auditor General of India from March 11 to 16 and March 18 to 22.

Prof. (Dr.) Pulkit Khanna, Dean, JIBS, conducted a session on ‘Effective Communication’, wherein she explained the need and importance of communication skills on technical issues, while also emphasising on the constructive engagement with the client organisation. She also delivered another session on ‘SDGs the India story – National Strategy for achieving SDGs’.

Sessions were also conducted by Prof. (Dr.) Mohita Junnarkar, Professor; Dr. Vipin Vijay Nair, Assistant Professor; Dr. Vasundhara Nair, Assistant Professor; Dr. Shilpa Bandyopadhyay, Assistant Professor; and Dr. Namita Ruparel, Assistant Professor. These sessions were held on topics like Important Competencies at Workplace, Methods of Performance and Talent Management, Navigating Stress for Relationship Wellness, and others.