CLIP organises faculty development workshop

Inside JGU

March 2024

CLIP organises faculty development workshop

The Center for Learning and Innovative Pedagogy (CLIP) organised a workshop on March 1 to empower faculty members in refining their teaching practices. The workshop offered a comprehensive exploration of elements crucial to the evolving landscape of teaching. It focused on instructional design, technology integration and effective teaching approaches.

The workshop’s goal was to provide faculty with the required skills and guidance to improve their teaching approaches, bridging knowledge gaps and providing them with the tools to increase student participation in their courses.

The workshop began with the session ‘Leveraging Memory, Metacognition, and Motivation for Enhanced Learning’ in which participants discussed basic pedagogical principles such as memory, metacognition and motivation. Another session concentrated on effective instructional design, using insights from behaviorism, cognitivism and constructivism. Finally, a session on ‘Evidencing Learning through Authentic Assignments’ highlighted the necessity of authenticity in educational assessments, exploring the GRASPS framework: learning how to create authentic assignments by considering the task’s goal, role, audience, situation, product and standards.