English Language Centre

English Language Centre

English Language Centre

The English Language Centre of JGU was established in 2012 under the headship of Prof. Jagdish Batra. The main objective of the English Language Centre (ELC) is to be the epicentre of teaching and learning of English in all the four language skills including reading, writing, listening and speaking. It plays the role of an active partner in acknowledging the aspirations of students to become global citizens through the effective use of English with the different schools of the university including Law, Business, International Affairs, Government and Public Policy, Liberal Arts and Journalism, Architecture, Banking and Finance, etc.

ELC aims to create awareness about the aesthetics of the English language through different activities like story writing, debates, discussions, public speech competitions and poetry recitations which are conducted under the banner of English Literary Society. Students from different schools are invited to participate in these events in order to improve their knowledge of English language and literature.

Centre Coordinator:
Dr Suman Rani, Associate Professor
Email: elc.oefl@jgu.edu.in

The ELC faculty teaches various English language and literature courses in different schools of JGU. These courses cater to different requirements of various schools. As such, there are courses like Business English, Communication Skills, Academic Writing, etc.

ELC takes up the task to train students who require support in improving their competence to use the English language. It offers a platform to foreign students from varied mother tongues to brush up their English Language skills. Apart from these activities, ELC conducts special remedial classes for admin staff from time to time. Students requiring help in cracking IELTS/TOEFL exams are also offered guidance. Most courses offered at the Centre are tailor-made to cater to the needs of candidates.

Through its affiliate English Literary Society, the ELC conducts regular meetings wherein its members take part in activities like debates, poetry/short story writing contests, poetic recitation, etc. which help them to boost their interest in and felicity with English language and literature. Also the Society conducts annual international literary conferences annually in which a large number of delegates and renowned scholars from different parts of the world take part. So far, eight such conferences have been held.

English Literary Society was set up in 2014 with a view to giving a platform to students to express their ideas and sentiments in English apart from learning more of English literature. To achieve this end, the society organizes periodic meetings at which students and faculty members interested in literature read their poems and stories. Other programs organized are — talks on literary topics by guest speakers, screening of English movies, literary quizzes, story writing competitions, etc. A good number of students have benefitted from these programmes.

The Society has also been organizing under the Convenor-ship of Prof. Jagdish Batra, annual international literary conferences for the past eight years in which a large number of delegates and resource persons, both from within and outside India have been taking part. Spread over 2/3 days, the conferences have helped students of JGU in learning the art of organizing such events and adding to their knowledge of English literature. The literary figures who have graced these events with their presence and participation include poet Padma Shri Keki Daruwalla, novelists Jaishree Misra and Roswitha Joshi, critic Harish Trivedi, public intellectuals Rajiv Malhotra, Shiv Visvanathan and Avadhesh Kumar Singh, academics Padma Bhushan Kapil Kapoor,  R.K. Dhawan and Elisabetta Marino, et al. The following were the themes of these conferences:

  • 8th JGU International Literary Conference (Online) on “India in the Literary Imaginary” held on 18-20 July, 2022.
  • 7th JGU International Literary Conference (Online) on “Postmodernism: Time for Reappraisal” held on 23-25 July, 2021
  • 6th JGU International Literary Conference (Online) on “Theory – Literature Interface” held on 24-26 July, 2020
  • 5th JGU International Literary Conference on “Comparative Literature: For a Harmonious World” held on 1-2 March, 2019
  • 4th JGU International Literary Conference on open themes held on 24-25 January, 2018
  • 3rd JGU International Literary Conference on “Emerging Issues in English Literature” held on Dec. 21-22, 2016
  • 2nd JGU-ISCS International Conference on “Multiculturalism and Globalism: India and the World” held on 25-27 January, 2016
  • 1st JGU-ISCS International Conference on “Postcolonial Literature: Theory, Practice, and Politics” held on 28-30 January, 2015

For souvenir containing reports of all previous conferences, please click on:

2022 Souvenir of 8th JGU International Literary Conference

Student Coordinators (2021-22):
President: Meghna Malik, 19jsjc-meghna.m@jgu.edu.in
Vice President: Karanveer Bhatt, 20jgbs-kbhatt@jgu.edu.in
Secretary: Varenya Subramanian, 20jgbs-varenya@jgu.edu.in

Faculty Coordinator:
Dr Fatemeh Rajabi (frajabi@jgu.edu.in)

Report of latest conference

Dr. Suman Rani Associate Professor & Centre Coordinator ELC srani@jgu.edu.in Dr. Suman Rani received her Ph.D. in English Language Education from The English and Foreign Languages University, Hyderabad in November 2016. The focus of her thesis was on improving Academic writing using corpus and genre. She experimented with two major domains of study that is corpus and genre to see their usefulness for L2 learners in improving Academic writing. She also received her M.Phil. in English Language Education from The English and Foreign Languages University, Hyderabad in 2011. In her M.Phil. dissertation, she explored the possibilities of using corpora to improve vocabulary of L2 learners. In 2009, she received a B.ed English degree. She completed her M.A. English and B.A. from Guru Nanak Dev University and Panjab University respectively with a special focus on English Language, Linguistics and literature. She was awarded a TESOL certificate by the University of Notre Dame, Indiana. She has worked in the department of non-formal course at the English and Foreign Languages University and in the Language Centre of Hyderabad Central University as a guest faculty. She was also a Fulbright Scholar at the University of Notre Dame, The USA from 2015-16. Her areas of interest are teaching and learning of academic writing, Genre studies to teach academic writing, use of corpora in L2 language learning, and use of ICT to teach English to L2 learners.
Dr. Fatemeh Rajabi Assistant Professor & Faculty Coordinator, English Literary Society frajabi@jgu.edu.in Dr. Fatemeh Rajabi did her BA at Islamic Azad university Kerman branch (Iran), MA at Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University Deemed university in Pune, Maharashtra, and PhD at Aligarh Muslim University in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh. Her areas of research specialization are American Postmodernism and Black feminism, and currently her attention has been turned more specifically to the problems concerning “authorship” as a problem of literary intention. The question of Intentionality in Literary works and linguistic. After more than a decade of studying English Literature at IAU, BVP, and AMU Universities of Iran and India, Dr. Fatemeh Rajabi has recently joined Business School at O.P Jindal Global University where she is teaching and doing research on the Business English, Greek Mythology and the philosophy of language, literature and culture. She is also doing a Post-doctoral Fellow at Jawaharlal Nehru University. She is working on her novel: “Wowmam in the Naked Apes Island”, and research works on the Critical Analysis of Affinity between Tagore’s syncretism and Persian Sufi Tradition beside of the Return of Author: The Question of Intentionality in Literary Works. She has published a number of articles in reputed refereed international journals, and has presented research papers in a great number of major conferences in India and abroad.
Ms. Sadia Khan Lecturer sskhan@jgu.edu.in Sadia Khan has completed her graduation and Masters in English literature from Jamia Millia Islamia. She also has an M.phil degree in English literature from the Department of English, Jamia Millia Islamia. The title of her dissertation was, ‘Representing Muslim Identity: A study of Leila Aboulela’s fiction’. Sadia has a teaching experience of 4 years now. She has been teaching English literature and Communication skills to students for a long time. She was an active member of the Debating society, both in her school and college years and won several accolades for her team, participating in various regional, state and national level debate competitions. She has won titles like the Best Debator in her school and was also adjudged the Best speaker for the motion for 11th Dr. Mehbub ul Haq Memorial Inter-school debate competition in 2008, organised by United Nations Development Programme and Rajiv Gandhi Institute for Contemporary studies. She is presently working in Jindal Global University as a Lecturer at the English Language Center and has been teaching Academic Reading and writing in Jindal Global Law School, Jindal School for arts and architecture, Jindal School for Global Policy and Jindal School for International Affairs for the past two years. Her current areas of interest include Diaspora studies, Islamic feminism, African women writings in English and Post colonialism.
Ms. Shraddha Tripathi is Lecturer in English at the English Language Centre, OEFL, and Faculty Coordinator of English Literary Society. She is also a Ph.D. (English) scholar at Jindal School of Languages & Literature. After her graduation, Ms. Tripathi did her M.A. in English literature from CSJM University, Kanpur in 2006 and M.A. Education from Allahabad Agriculture University in 2013. Additionally, she has to her credit, B.Ed. from Maharshi Dayanand University and Certificate courses in: Mandarin from the Taiwan Education Centre; Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages from American TESOL Institute, Bangalore; Digital Teaching from TCS-ION etc. Ms. Tripathi has the distinction of having been a founding faculty of the English Language Centre where she worked from 2012 to 2016 and taught Business English, general English proficiency courses and held charge of the language lab. She is adept at designing course curricula according to the proficiency level of students and conducting workshops for faculty and administrative staff on communication skills. She has nearly fifteen years of teaching experience of English language and literature with various reputed educational institutions. Apart from teaching, she has groomed students for debates and conducted various stage events like story-writing contest, quiz programs, etc. Her organizational ability was most visible during the conduct of the ISCS-JGU International Literary Conferences held in 2015 and 2016.

Online 8th JGU International Literary Conference, 2022

Prof. Shiv Visvanathan at the 2022 conference

Chief Guest Prof. B.K. Kuthiala at the 8th JGU International Literary Conference 2021

Sh. Rajiv Malhotra at the 2021 conference

A view of the 5th JGU International Literary Conference 2019

Audience at the 3rd JGU International Literary Conference, 2016

A view of the 1st JGU-ISCS International Literary Conference, January, 2015

Prof. Avadhesh Kumar Singh addressing the delegates at the 2018 conference

Renowned poet Keki Daruwalla being presented a souvenir by Conference Convener at the 4th JGU International Literary Conference, 2018.

Acclaimed novelist Jaishree Misra at the 3rd JGU International Literary Conference, 2019

Vice Chancellor C. Raj Kumar inaugurating the 4th JGU International Literary Conference, 2018.

A view of the 4th JGU International Literary Conference, 2018.

Prof. R.K. Dhawan being presented a memento by Vice Chancellor C. Raj Kumar at the 2016 conference

Professor of Eminence Sanjeev P. Sahni and Registrar Prof. YSR Murthy with Sh. Vijay Vardhan, Addl. Chief Secy., Govt of Haryana at the 2nd JGU-ISCS International Literary Conference, 2016.

Literary dignitaries at the 2nd JGU-ISCS International Literary Conference, January 2016

A paper reading session in progress

A dance performance by Mozambican students of JGU at the 2015 conference

A parallel session in progress in 2021 conference