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Centre for Writing Studies

“During the last several weeks of my Academic Reading and Writing course, I have developed and learnt more than I believe I could in such a short span of time…[this course] also educated me about the power of the written word and language.”
Anandita Bindra
(BAGA student at JSIA, Fall 2021
"In the beginning of the course I expected it to be something similar to the language class we had in our school. But I later realised how little we knew about writing and even thinking and connecting our thoughts to our reading and writing. The course was wholesome…. I am looking forward to using these insights in my upcoming writings and readings."
Hima Varshini
(B.A. Eco student at JSGP, Fall 2021)
“I learnt a lot in this semester’s course on Academic Writing and found that all the skills and tips learnt here could also be applied to other writing pieces. I also found that the exercise on free writing, which I did in class for the first time, is a helpful technique no matter what kind of writing one sets out to do- it helps sketch out the main ideas and structure of what one wants to write."
Vanya Anna Pinto
(MADLB student at JSIA, Fall 2021)
“The result [of the writing exercise] was surprising, and fascinating at the same time. Though we had all agreed on the words, you could tell from the way we had incorporated them that each person saw the words in a different light. This really helped us understand variations in perspective.”
Ramanan Mallika
(BAPS student at JSIA, Fall 2021)