OEFL organises 9th JGU International Literary Conference

Inside JGU

December 2023

OEFL organises 9th JGU International Literary Conference

The Office of English & Foreign Languages (OEFL) organised the 9th edition of the JGU International Literary Conference in a hybrid mode during December 5-6. The conference centred on the theme ‘The Gender Question: Diverse Terrains; Multiple Views’. Scholars, academics and researchers from diverse fields gathered for two days of critical discussion and engagement.

The keynote speaker at the event was Professor Krishna Menon, Dean at the School of Human Studies, Ambedkar University, Delhi, and a renowned expert in the field of gender studies. In her speech, she delved into the history of gender studies in India and the various challenges that gender studies departments face on a global scale. Professor Menon also emphasised the role of teachers, researchers, and collectives in understanding and addressing gender issues. She explained how gender issues are interconnected with the ideas of democracy and justice and how gender studies as a discipline have influenced policymaking and brought social change crucial for an egalitarian society.

The event gathered scholars and researchers from various Indian and foreign universities. It provided a platform for knowledge sharing and networking, where attendees had the opportunity to attend two workshops organised by Prof. Nupur Samuel and Prof. Md Sayeed of OEFL. In addition to the workshops, the 12 parallel sessions in the two days had around 82 scholars and researchers presenting their papers on varied themes like Black feminism, deconstructing gender and identity, representation of women in literature, gender stereotypes, transgender people, ecocriticism, queer studies, gender equality and justice performativity, body politics, intersectionality, violence, resistance and transgressions, identity politics, patriarchy, posthumanism, masculinity, women in workforce, gender inclusivity, sexualities and agency. The sessions focused on various areas of study, ranging from literature, humanities, social science, economics, law, and philosophy.

The literary event provided an opportunity for academicians, scholars, experts and paper presenters to engage in a meaningful discussion, exchange ideas on the conference’s pertinent theme, and explore new perspectives and gain valuable insights into the debates and developments in the field of gender studies.