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JIBS signs MoU with Haryana government to enhance healthcare initiatives

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February 2024

JIBS signs MoU with Haryana government to enhance healthcare initiatives

Department of Health, Government of Haryana, and the Jindal Institute of Behavioural Sciences (JIBS) of JGU signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to enhance collaboration in various healthcare initiatives. The formal signing ceremony, held in Chandigarh on February 6, aims to bridge the gap between academic research and practical healthcare solutions. Under the MoU, both entities have outlined key areas of collaboration aimed at bolstering community health, mental well-being, and awareness campaigns aligned with government initiatives.

The collaboration encompasses a range of activities, including student training programmes, joint outreach initiatives, joint projects, and capacity-building endeavours. Students from JIBS will have the opportunity to undergo short-term training and internships at healthcare facilities across 22 districts of Haryana, providing them with valuable hands-on experience. Furthermore, JIBS faculty members will conduct training programmes for employees of the Department of Health, enhancing the exchange of skills and knowledge between academia and the public health sector.

Dr. Manish Bansal, Director of Health Services, Health Department Haryana, and Professor (Dr.) Pulkit Khanna, Dean, JIBS, signed the MoU. Dignitaries present at the signing ceremony included Dr. G Anupama, Additional Chief Secretary of the Health Department, Government of Haryana; Dr. Randeep Singh Poonia, Director General Health Services of Haryana; Professor (Dr.) Stephen P. Marks, Dean, Jindal School of Public Health and Human Development; and Professor (Dr.) Nitesh Bansal, Professor & Vice Dean, Jindal School of Public Health & Human Development and Chief Compliance Officer, JGU.

JIBS organises Peer Educator Program

JIBS conducted a Peer Educator Program, an initiative designed to empower students at JGU as agents of positive change within their communities.

Students underwent comprehensive training sessions, equipping them with essential leadership, communication, and counseling skills. These Peer educators would now serve as mentors and resources for their peers, promoting mental health awareness, facilitating discussions on well-being, and offering support when needed.

The Wire releases JIBS documentary

The Wire, a renowned national alternate media platform, has released the JIBS documentary Uljhan. The documentary was released in JGU during the JIBS Mental Health Week Celebrations in October. The film has garnered positive reviews and comments nationwide.

Uljhan is a captivating 40-minute documentary that delves into the lives of families raising children with autism within the unique context of India. The film offers a poignant exploration of the emotional journey of mothers, the intense struggles faced by families, and the relentless efforts of ground-level non-profit organisations to destigmatise autism. It is one research-intensive in-house documentaries produced by JIBS that aims to address and highlight issues of psycho-social concern across the country.

Workshops at JIBS

JIBS conducted the first master class of the semester, a workshop facilitated by Dr. Neha Chatwani, founder of Workplace Atelier. The topic of the workshop was organisational agility and new forms of leadership. The workshop employed the practice-oriented case-based approach towards understanding the proposed topic. The workshop was designed for those interested in applying their learnings in a workplace setting.

JIBS conducted a workshop on ‘Decoding Diagnosis and Prognosis: A Holistic Workshop on Obsessive-Compulsive, Impulse Control, and Disruptive Disorders’. The workshop was facilitated by Kartika Sharma, a clinical psychologist. The workshop employed a practice-oriented case-based approach to understanding the proposed topic. The workshop was particularly designed for those interested in applying their learnings in a rehab setting.

JIBS organised another workshop titled “Role of ABA (Applied Behaviour Analysis) in Unlocking Potential of Children with Disabilities”. The workshop was conducted by Ms. Sukanya, an applied behaviour analysis expert. The workshop aimed at providing insights into the application of ABAin empowering children with disabilities. Through systematic assessment and intervention strategies, attendees were taught how to facilitate skill development, improve behaviour, and foster positive social interactions in children facing various challenges.

Mid-Career Training Programme

JIBS, in collaboration with Jindal Institute of Leadership Development & Executive Education (JILDEE), conducted six-day Mid-Career Training Programme for the officers of the Comptroller & Auditor General of India. The programme was organised on the theme of ‘Stress and Anxiety Management’. It was held from February 12 to 17.

Prof. (Dr.) Pulkit Khanna, Dean at JIBS conducted a session on ‘Effective Communication’, wherein she explained importance of communication skills on technical issues, while also emphasising on the constructive engagement with the client organisation. She also delivered a session on “SDGs the India story – National Strategy for achieving SDGs”.

Dr. Vipin Vijay Nair, Assistant Professor at JIBS, conducted a session on ‘Financial Crime’, explaining the government initiatives to prevent financial fraud. Another session was presented by Dr. Nair on cloud computing.

MoU with Queen Mary University

An MoU was signed between Queen Mary University of London and JGU on February 12 that offers JIBS students in MA/MSc Applied Psychology an exclusive opportunity for study abroad/dual degree programmes, opening new horizons for their academic enrichment and global exposure. A senior delegation from Queen Mary University of London (QMUL), led by its President and Principal, Professor (Dr.) Colin Bailey, signed the MoU with JGU Vice Chancellor Prof. (Dr.) C. Raj Kumar.

Dr. Pulkit Khanna attends World Universities Summit

Prof. (Dr.) Pulkit Khanna, Dean, JIBS, presented a talk during a session on “Recognising and Accrediting Lifelong Learning in Higher Education” during the fourth World Universities Summit organised by JGU from 19 to 21 February. The summit was themed around “Universities of the Future: A Global Partnership for Social Justice and Sustainable Development”.

In her talk, Dr. Pulkit said that higher education institutions can no longer solely focus on traditional credentials. She explained that by acknowledging and valuing the knowledge and skills acquired through non-formal and informal learning experiences, from professional training to online courses.

JIBS faculty members conduct counselling session

JIBS faculty held an online counselling session with the aspiring psychology students and their parents. The session was aimed at guiding such students who want to pursue higher education in psychology and informing them of choices and options available.

The session was conducted by Prof. (Dr.) Pulkit Khanna, Dean, JIBS, along with Dr. Vasundharaa S. Nair Assistant Professor, Dr. Vipin Vijay Nair, Assistant Professor and  Dr. Amrita Roy, Assistant Professor. They spoke about the courses offered at JIBS and explained the specialty of each course.