Centre For Post Graduate Legal Studies

Masters Programmes

The Master of Laws (LL.M.) programme at Jindal Global Law School, O.P. Jindal Global (Institution of Eminence Deemed To Be University), is a one-year degree program open to both Indian and International Students. The research intensive environment in the university enables candidates from various legal environments and backgrounds to engage in rigorous, intellectual dialogues.

Beyond the extraordinary academic opportunities provided by Jindal Global Law School under the tutelage of remarkable professors from all over the world, LL.M. students get an opportunity to actively engage in various aspects of student life across the university. They receive opportunities to participate in  a wide variety of co-curricular events and activities at the university, including being a part of various successful centers of the law school.

LL.M. candidates can choose from a variety of specializations. 

One-Year Residential Programme

LL.M. in Alternative Dispute Resolution

This specialization will be taught by experts who have several years of expertise as arbitrators, academics or policy analysts. This specialisation will provide the necessary skill sets to the students to meet the ever-growing demand for specialists in the ADR fraternity and contribute towards developing the jurisprudence in this field, as lawyers, adjudicators or academics.. 

LL.M. in Corporate and Financial Law and Policy

This specialization provides unique insights into corporate laws, financial and economic laws. The program will give both theoretical and practical understanding of transaction and regulatory issues. The program covers aspects of Indian, European and International laws.

LL.M. in Intellectual Property Rights and Technology Law

This specialization  provides rigorous academic and professional training in legal practice and interdisciplinary analysis related to current developments in Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and new technology. The course covers a wide array of topics related to IPR and entertainment industry, data protection, information technology, artificial intelligence etc.

LL.M. in International Trade and Investment Law

The program will help in developing a rich theoretical, contextual, practical and multidisciplinary understanding of institutional frameworks, global legal processes, policy dynamics, and contemporary challenges of the subject. In this specialization, students will be able to develop specialist knowledge and an advanced learning of subjects such as law of international trade, international investment law, and international commercial arbitration.

LL.M. in Taxation Law

This program offers students a firm grounding in both Indian and International tax systems. Students receive the opportunity to study emerging concepts of investment arbitration, high sea sales, infrastructure projects and electronic commerce from a tax perspective, which makes this specialization unique.

LL.M. in Human Rights

The Human Rights specialization prepares the students for varied career opportunities in national and international arena that range from traditional advocacy roles to more advanced policy restructuring touching upon all aspects of legal reform.

LL.M. in General Legal Studies

If you have an interest in further study of law, then this LL.M. program will give you the flexibility and choice to choose from a wide variety of subjects. It offers a platform for students to explore avenues for legal and inter-disciplinary research.

LL.M. in Criminal Law and Criminal Justice

Crime, criminal justice and criminology are intricate subjects of study intertwined within a societal set-up. The study of crime and its treatment within the community is ever evolving, with universal concepts applied on newer modes of criminal conduct. The advancement of technological platforms and cross-border engagements have given newer meaning to crime and criminal activities and poses challenges of its own. 

LL.M. in International Law

Over the years, international law has emerged as a dominant part of the structure of our international society. Towards this, there is an increasing demand to confront new global realities and accordingly, a demand for individuals, specifically lawyers and lawmakers, to meet the challenges of globalization and find solutions within the rapidly evolving international environments.

LL.M. in Constitutional and Administrative Law

In the broadest sense our constitution is the common thread that binds every other area of law and provides a system of checks and balances. It is the fundamental protector of people’s rights and what many lawyers consider to be the legal bible. The ability and imagination of a lawyer is expanded by and limited to the values enshrined in the constitution, the “higher law”. That’s why constitutional law is pursued in legal circles with great reverence.  

One-Year Non-residential Programme

LL.M. in Environmental Law, Energy & Climate Change

The LL.M. in Environmental Law, Energy and Climate Change is offered by CPGLS  in collaboration with WWF – INDIA. The LL.M. Program is designed to integrate Indian and global perspectives on aspects of national & international environmental law, climate change & energy, and emphasizes on international, transnational and comparative approach to study the subject.