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LL.M. in General Legal Studies

Why pursue an LL.M. in General Legal Studies?

The LL.M. in General Legal Studies offers a platform to students for exploring a diverse array of legal topics and issues through an interdisciplinary lens and advanced pedagogy that promotes rigorous intellectual analysis and cutting-edge research. This programme is designed to provide students the flexibility to choose courses from different areas of law, so that they can tailor their study in order to develop expertise on a given area or in a wide variety of subjects. Students of this LL.M. programme will have the freedom to move beyond the confines of a specialisation and therefore, are free to create their own path for advanced exploration of topics and issues that their professional and personal interests, and career aspirations. The LL.M. in General Legal Studies will help students develop their legal research and analytical skills.

What makes our LL.M. in General Legal Studies special?

This programme offers postgraduate students a unique opportunity to gain expertise in a wide variety of topics. The mandatory courses will allow students to engage with complex legal issues from international, comparative and interdisciplinary perspectives in a rigorous manner. Students in this programme will have the choice to select courses from a wide array of electives ranging from international law, human rights, constitutional law, jurisprudence, and private law. JGLS also offers interdisciplinary elective courses on law and gender, law and development, law and popular culture, law and literature, socio-legal studies, law and the arts, and law and philosophy.

What will you study?

LL.M. in General Legal Studies is a 24-credit programme including core, foundational and elective courses. All students must complete the required credits in order to receive the LL.M. degree. As a compulsory requirement, LL.M. students need to write a dissertation of 8000–10,000 words. Students are allowed to take a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 6 electives.

Legal Research MethodologyLaw, Desire and Popular CultureColonialism, Semi colonialism and International Law
Law and Justice in a Globalizing WorldIntroduction to International Human Rights Law and Humanitarian LawAir and Space Law
Comparative Public Law and Systems of GovernanceLaw, Development and Public PolicyComparative Disability and Mental Health Law
 Indian Constitutional History: A History of Ideas and PracticeFeminist Thought – To be a Woman
 Advanced Constitutional Law – Emergency PowersLaw & Literature
Foundational CourseThe Many Faces of International Law: Critiques and LimitsSecurities Regulation
Dissertation (3 credits)  

The electives mentioned above are merely indicative and may vary from year to year depending on the availability of faculty members, their research interests, and the number of students opting for an elective course. It may not be possible to offer every course listed above. With permission, it is possible to take up to  two modules external to your programme, as optional choices.

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