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LL.M. in International Law

LL.M. in International Law

Over the years, international law has emerged as a dominant part of the structure of our international society. Towards this, there is an increasing demand to confront new global realities and accordingly, a demand for individuals, specifically lawyers and lawmakers, to meet the challenges of globalization and find solutions within the rapidly evolving international environments.

The LL.M. in International Law at Jindal Global Law School is a unique blend of theory and the practice of international law. The diverse range of courses under this specialization will help post-graduate students build a solid foundation in the core areas of international law and governance whilst also offering them a holistic approach towards the present legal challenges across the globe. This year-long programme adopts an innovative, interdisciplinary and critical approach to teaching and learning. By exploring topics of contemporary significance, this programme equips post-graduate students with independent analytical and research skills to prepare them for a career in international law or within international organisations. Our expert faculty notably offers comprehensive and versatile training to students coming from an array of legal backgrounds. 

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