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LL.M. in Intellectual Property Rights and Technology Law

Why pursue an LL.M. Intellectual Property Rights and Technology Law?

This specialization provides a unique opportunity to understand the interplay between Intellectual Property and new technologies. It is vital for legal practitioners to comprehend the nuances of the Indian intellectual property regime within the global context, so that effective legal strategies can be developed to aid corporate entities to conduct cross-border transactions with zero or minimum risks. It is equally necessary to understand the relevance and importance of evolving intellectual property rights jurisprudence in other jurisdictions, such as in the United Kingdom,  European Union and the United States.

What makes our LL.M. in Intellectual Property Rights and Technology Law special?

The LL.M. in Intellectual Property Rights and Technology Law offers a cutting-edge curriculum developed in conjunction with leading academics, IP experts, industry professionals and enforcement officials. Courses will focus on the legal, regulatory, political, ethical, and economic challenges, thus providing a multidimensional approach towards intellectual property rights and technology law. Classroom experience will be augmented with a series of research and professional conferences on contemporary IPR and technology law topics.

What will you study?

LL.M. in Intellectual Property Rights and Technology Law is a 24 credits programme including three core courses (3 credits each), six specialized courses (2 credits each) and a dissertation (3 credits).


1. Core/Compulsory Courses: 

  • Legal Research Methodology
  • Law and Justice in a Globalizing World
  • Comparative Public Law

2. Specialized Courses: 

  • General Principles of Intellectual Property Rights
  • Global Perspective on Data Protection Framework
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Ethics
  • Standard Essential Patents (SEPs)
  • Comparative Celebrity Laws: Personality, Publicity and Free Speech
  • Music and Copyright

3. Dissertation 

The specialized courses mentioned above are merely indicative and may vary from year to year depending on the availability of faculty members and their research interests.  It may not be possible to offer every course listed above. 

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