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LL.M. in Criminal Law and Criminal Justice

LL.M. in Criminal Law and Criminal Justice

Crime, criminal justice and criminology are intricate subjects of study intertwined within a societal set-up. The study of crime and its treatment within the community is ever evolving, with universal concepts applied on newer modes of criminal conduct. The advancement of technological platforms and cross-border engagements have given newer meaning to crime and criminal activities and poses challenges of its own. 

The LL.M. in Criminal Law and Criminal Justice is a unique programme that attempts to peak into the minds of the offenders, the developing notions of crime and the consequential reformative measures framed by national and international legal systems. It delves into the retributive and reformative ideologies in criminal law and addresses the global challenges on terrorism and human rights. The programme creates an interesting legal pedagogy to study the intricacies of pre-trial, trial and post-trial stages in criminal law and investigates the nuances of substantive and procedural law around crimes and criminal conduct. The expert faculty instructors blend the areas of theory and practice in their teaching to enable a holistic application of knowledge, enriching the students’ careers ahead.

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