CEASP presents research papers at international conference

Inside JGU

April 2024

CEASP presents research papers at international conference

Two research papers of the Complexity Economics, Applied Spirituality, and Public Policy (CEASP) of Jindal School of Government & Public Policy were selected for presentation at the International Conference on Comparative Public Policy held at the School of Public Policy and Management, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China, during April 19-21.

The first paper, titled ‘From Bureaucracy to Algocracy? A study of Human-Algorithm Interaction bias in Public’, was authored by Prof. Naresh Singh, Prof. Sudip Patra, and Anshumaan Goel. Prof. Singh presented the paper at the conference, providing insights into the interaction between humans and algorithms within the public sector.

The second paper, co-authored by Ms. Harpreet Gill, a final-year student at the Jindal School of Banking and Finance, and Prof. Naresh Singh, was presented at the conference by Ms. Gill. Titled ‘Comparative Global Perspectives on AI Governance with Insights for Indian Policymakers’, the paper contributed perspectives to the discourse on global AI governance and its implications for Indian policymakers.

The conference marked the 25th anniversary of the Journal of Comparative Policy Research and Analysis: Research and Practice (JCPA). Prof. Singh, as Director of CEASP, participated in a panel discussion among distinguished policy scholars and members of the JCPA editorial board. The discussion centred on the theme ‘Comparative Public Policy in the age of AI’.