Research and Capacity Building Institutes

Research & Capacity Building

The Research and Capacity Building Institutes at Jindal Global University embody the institution's commitment to academic excellence, interdisciplinary collaboration, and societal impact.

Jindal Institute of Behavioral Sciences (JIBS)

Established with a vision to advance knowledge and understanding of human behavior, JIBS conducts cutting-edge research, fosters interdisciplinary collaboration, and provides training and development opportunities for individuals and organizations.

Research Excellence: JIBS is at the forefront of behavioral research, exploring diverse aspects of human behavior, including psychology, sociology, neuroscience, and organizational behavior. Through its rigorous research projects, JIBS aims to contribute to academic scholarship and address real-world challenges.

Interdisciplinary Collaboration: JIBS promotes cross-disciplinary collaboration, bringing together experts from various fields to address complex behavioral issues. By facilitating dialogues and partnerships across disciplines, JIBS creates innovative solutions and enriches the research landscape at JGU.

Capacity Building and Training: In addition to research, JIBS emphasizes capacity building and training to enhance the skills of individuals and organizations. Workshops, seminars, and training programmes are organized to promote personal and professional growth, contributing to the development of competent and empathetic individuals.

Jindal Institute of Higher Education and Development (IIHeD)

IIHeD engages in rigorous research, policy analysis, and capacity building to shape the future of higher education and foster sustainable development.

Research and Policy Analysis: IIHeD conducts comprehensive research and policy analysis on various aspects of higher education and development. Through evidence-based studies, IIHeD seeks to inform policymakers, academic institutions, and other stakeholders about the best practices and policies for promoting higher education and sustainable development.

Capacity Building and Training: Recognizing the importance of capacity building in the field of higher education and development, IIHeD offers training programmes and workshops for educators, policymakers, and administrators. These programmes aim to enhance knowledge and skills, driving positive change in the education sector.

Advocacy and Collaboration: IIHeD actively advocates for policies and initiatives that support equitable access to quality education and sustainable development. By collaborating with international organizations, governmental bodies, and educational institutions, IIHeD leverages collective efforts to create a positive impact.

Jindal Institute of Leadership, Excellence, and Ethics (JILDEE)

JILDEE engages in research, training, and advocacy to promote ethical practices and cultivate effective leadership qualities.

Research on Leadership and Ethics: JILDEE conducts research on various dimensions of leadership and ethics, aiming to contribute to academic scholarship and promote ethical decision-making in different sectors. 

Training and Leadership Development: JILDEE offers training programmes and leadership development initiatives for individuals aspiring to become ethical leaders. 

Advocacy for Ethical Leadership: JILDEE advocates for the integration of ethical practices in business, governance, and public service. By collaborating with leaders and organizations, JILDEE strives to create a culture of ethics and excellence, driving positive societal change.