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Rankings and Recognition

JGU is an ‘Institution of Eminence’ as per the ‘UGC (Institutions of Eminence Deemed to be Universities) Regulations, 2017’ for private institutions and ‘UGC (Declaration of Government Educational Institutions as Institutions of Eminence) Guidelines, 2017’ for public institutions.

JGU is also ranked:

  • The No.1 Private University in India by the QS World University Rankings 2023.
  • The highest-ranked Indian university, which focuses on Law, Business & Management, International Affairs, Public Policy, Liberal Arts & Humanities, Journalism, Art & Architecture, Banking & Finance, Environment & Sustainability, Psychology & Counselling, Languages & Literature, and Public Health & Human Development.
  • The only university in India to be nominated in the category of "Excellence and Innovation in the Arts" by Times Higher Education (THE) Asia Awards 2020.
  • Winner of the "Digital Innovation of the Year" award at the Times Higher Education (THE) Asia Awards 2021. 
  • Amongst the top 250 universities in the world in a faculty-student ratio (1:9) and is ranked among the top 450 universities in the world in employer reputation.
  • Amongst the top 550 universities in the world in international faculty, which makes up 14% of JGU’s total faculty.
  • The only Indian Private University in the top 150 ‘Young Universities in the World’ (under 50 years of age) in the QS Young University Rankings 2022.
  • Jindal Global Law School (JGLS) named No. 1 in India by the QS World University Rankings by Subject 2023.

Why JGU?

Established in 2009, O.P. Jindal Global University (JGU) is India’s first multidisciplinary global university. The university was set up as a philanthropic initiative of its Founding Chancellor, Mr. Naveen Jindal, in memory of his father, Mr. O.P. Jindal. Since then, it has made remarkable strides in its mission of serving as a role model for institutional excellence in higher education in the country. In recognition of its pursuits of excellence, JGU was awarded the coveted ‘Institution of Eminence’ status by the Ministry of Education, Government of India, in 2019.

Within 12 years of establishment, JGU has been ranked in the top 750 universities in the world. This has become possible due to JGU’s international diversity among its faculty, its reputation among academics and employers globally, and a steadfast commitment to maintaining a strong faculty-student ratio.

This non-profit, research-driven university is also India’s Number 1 Ranked University with a focus solely on Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities as per the influential QS World University Rankings 2022. It is also ranked No. 1 Private University in India as per the rankings. JGU continues to be the highest-ranked private Institution of Eminence of India as per these rankings. It is ranked among the top 260 universities in the world in faculty-student ratio, which presently stands at a phenomenal 1:9.

JGU became the first Indian university to receive QS IGAUGE E-Learning Excellence for Academic Digitisation (E-LEAD) Certification from the coveted QS IGAUGE for e-learning excellence in 2020. This represents JGU’s commitment towards providing its students a truly global experience in their academic pursuits.

JGU has developed sustainable linkages with leading universities and educational institutions across the globe in the field of higher education and research. The central objective of JGU’s international collaborations has been to create opportunities to fulfil the aspirations of our students by enriching their experience at JGU with global study opportunities.

To provide global exposure to the students, JGU has established 150+ student exchange programmes, 200+ study abroad opportunities for spending a semester at world-class universities, 50+ dual degree programmes, and 15 short-term study abroad programmes with top 100 universities of the world.

The short-term study abroad programmes offer students the opportunity to spend 2-4 weeks in intensive credit-bearing learning programmes for a holistic experience at top universities across the globe.

The dual degree programmes offer exciting opportunities to jump-start your learning and career prospects with an additional degree from a top-ranked global university along with JGU’s degree.

  • JGU has established 300+ partnerships with Top-ranked universities of the world
  • 65 Countries and Regions in JGU’s Collaborative Network
  • 150+ Student Exchange Programmes
  • 200 Study Abroad Opportunities for Spending a Semester at World-Class Universities
  • 50+ dual degree programmes
  • 15 short-term study abroad programmes

JGU has been actively promoting a strong emphasis on interdisciplinarity in all its schools and programmes since the very beginning as the university understands the relevance of multidisciplinary education and interdisciplinary curriculum in a global world. From establishing a dedicated office to implementing the interdisciplinary vision to recruiting world-class faculty members to design and deliver interdisciplinary courses, JGU has ensured that all its students experience an interdisciplinarity ecosystem in their learning environment.

The university’s vision is based on the commitment to impart knowledge that is interconnected and globally relevant. Interdisciplinarity has been the central basis for the establishment of all the Schools and Institutes of JGU, including the designing of courses, offering of programmes, recruitment of faculty, and development of research agendas at JGU.

Interdisciplinarity at JGU is not only a part of its larger vision, but also in line with its commitment to the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 and the UGC (Institution of Eminence Deemed to be Universities) Regulations 2017. The university’s commitment to interdisciplinarity is based on the vision and imagination that great universities ought to be deeply engaged in interdisciplinary education in their academic outlook and research identities.

Cross-Listed Electives
All schools and institutes of JGU function as interdisciplinary hubs within themselves. In 2020-21, a total of 327 cross-listed elective courses were offered across JGU, an increase of 122% from 2018-2019.
In total, JGU offers:

  • 560 Compulsory Courses
  • 580 Elective Courses
  • 320 Cross-Listed Elective Courses

Office of Academic Planning, Co-ordination and Interdisciplinarity (APCI)
The Office of Academic Planning, Co-ordination and Interdisciplinarity (APCI) at JGU plans and coordinates with all the schools and institutes of the university to promote and strengthen interdisciplinary teaching and learning in a unified manner.

At JGU, academic planning is implemented in a manner that involves all stakeholders.

APCI coordinates with Academic Deans to ensure 50% of the seats in a cross-listed course are given to students of other schools of JGU.

In our commitment to providing a smooth and efficient experience to students during the elective bidding process, JGU has prioritized the strengthening of its technology portal. JGU has invested significantly in upgrading its live elective bidding portal that allows the eligible student community of JGU to bid for general elective courses and cross-listed elective courses at the same instance. APCI instituted stage-wise elective course bidding process for students to access interdisciplinarity.

The student-centric process of bidding that is coordinated by the APCI, involves the following stages-

Stage 1: APCI, in co-ordination with the Office of Information & Technology, uses a technologically advanced platform to inform students about the list of available courses along with the Timetable.

Stage 2: Mock Bidding is conducted to apprise students about the elective course bidding portal interface and its modalities, and let students prepare their potential course portfolio.

Stage 3: Multiple rounds of live elective course bidding is conducted before every semester to give students an adequate chance to enrol in their desired courses.

Stage 4: In the first week of the semester, a final round of elective course bidding is steered to enable students to finalise their courses after attending a few classes.

JGU lies on a picturesque modern campus infused with opportunities for peer interaction and community engagement. The campus was designed by the award-winning French architect, Mr. Stephane Paumier, of S.P.A. Design. As a greenfield project with no built surroundings, the design is based on a very rigorous geometrical framework of ‘traces regulateurs’ of squares and golden rectangles, dear to European as well as Indian classical architecture.

The ceneer of the 80-acre JGU campus is occupied by the Academic Block. The entire building is lifted off the ground on pilotis to offer a continuous shaded park below the structures. It is a combination of flexible spaces like classrooms, seminar rooms, faculty offices, performing arts academy, library, dining halls and kitchens. Beside the Academic Block are the students’ housing complexes made of pavilions in exposed RCC precast structure.

The faculty housing is a line of ‘immeubles villas’, dear to the pioneer of modern architecture Le Corbusier, forming the visual boundary of the campus. All the buildings come together around a network of gardens and parks in complete harmony with nature. Lawns and gardens cover more than half of campus area. The whole campus, including residential spaces, is Wi-Fi-enabled.

Academic Block
JGU’s Academic Block is the centre of all academic activity on the campus. It houses state-of-the-art smart classrooms, performing arts academy, faculty and staff offices, the Global Library, reading rooms, moot court, studios, conference rooms, recreational areas and the faculty lounge.

JGU’s academic infrastructure reflects the integration of and adaptability to technology in enabling student-centric teaching and learning. Smart classrooms are equipped with screen projectors, internet access, single-desk power outlets and flat screens for presentations. JGU has equipped the classrooms on campus with speaker tracking cameras to ensure a better hybrid teaching-learning experience, in case there is any need in future.

Since its inception, JGU has aspired to become a leading global academic and knowledge hub. Central to this is the provision for modern and cutting-edge infrastructure and technology to host conferences, seminars, workshops, training and capacity-building programmes, and other academic as well as cultural events.

Performing Arts Academy
A first of its kind for any university in the region, this Academy will serve the purpose of a Performing Arts Theatre, a Movie Theatre and a state-of-the-art Conference Hall. The Academy is equipped with:

  • Audio system programmed for a movie experience, live performances and conferences
  • Theatrical ambience
  • Best-in-class insulation system and fire retardant materials
  • Ceiling designed for noise reduction
  • 3 hours of power backup for the LED video wall and the audio system
  • Fire Safety System equipped with beam detectors, smoke detectors, fire extinguishers

Global Library
JGU’s Global Library has a collection of over 60,000 print volumes and a plethora of electronic resources. The print collection includes books, monographs, research reports, law reports and back volumes of periodicals, etc.

Besides academic reading books, the Library has a good collection of books on leisure reading as well as on soft skill development. The Library has also developed a core collection of media resources comprising documentaries, training films, fiction, music, etc. All reading rooms have Wi-Fi internet connectivity and most seats are equipped with ports for laptop charging. All reading rooms also have easy accessibility to the 24X7 printing and copying facilities.

Healthcare & Counselling Services
The university manages and operates the JGU Health Centre on a round-the-clock basis. The Health Centre helps students, faculty and staff to achieve and maintain healthy lives and mental wellness by providing the best primary medical care. The Health Center has medical professionals including doctors, nursing staff, and physiotherapists. It is equipped with

  • Separate male and female wards
  • Indoor & Flu words
  • Counselling Rooms
  • Intensive Care Unit
  • Physiotherapy Treatment Rooms
  • On-Campus Pharmacy

Student Dining
The food services are made available in the dining halls of the university on a self-service basis. The dining halls for the students are dispersed across the Academic Block. The dining halls have four services — breakfast, lunch, evening snacks and dinner — for all students residing on the campus. A state-of-the-art kitchen with the best equipment ensures that a wide array of the cuisines can be prepared. The food is prepared and served under strict hygienic conditions

Food Court
The Food Court offers a wide range of vegetarian and non-vegetarian food options for the students, faculty, staff and guests of JGU.

Laundry Service
JGU has employed Washex Hospitality Solutions as the integrated laundry service provider in the campus. The centralised laundry services include washing, drying and ironing. The laundry facility is available to all students residing in the University Halls of Residence.

The JGU campus is guarded by well-trained security guards, including female guards, equipped with communication sets at gates and in hostel blocks. Night patrolling is done by armed guards. A strong perimeter wall along with security lights reinforces the safety of the campus inhabitants. The campus remains under observation round-the-clock through CCTV cameras positioned at important locations. Any unauthorised entry/exit is monitored by a dedicated CCTV control room.

Sports & Fitness
Sports and fitness activities are an integral component of student life at JGU. Under the supervision of qualified coaches, the university’s students engage in regular practice sessions to fulfil their aspirations of wearing university colours and jerseys. They also participate in various Sports Leagues and the Magnus National tournament on the campus that has gained immense popularity over the years.

Flora & Fauna
Since its founding, JGU’s growth and core activities have been premised on sustaining institutional excellence in all forms. The campus is dotted with:

  • 7,800 Trees
  • 132,300 Shrubs
  • 78 Species of Trees & Shrubs

JGU appoints faculty members with outstanding academic qualifications and experience from India and different parts of the world. All have distinguished backgrounds in academia, private practice, or industry, as well as active research careers. It is also one of the few universities in Asia that maintains a 1:9 faculty-student ratio. Since the establishment of JGU, its faculty strength has multiplied more than 80 times.

JGU is currently home to 900+ faculty members across 12 schools. About 60% of our faculty members have international qualifications from the leading universities of the world such as the University of Oxford, Harvard University, University of Cambridge, Columbia University, Princeton University, Stanford University, University College London, Brown University, Indiana University, Nanyang Technological University and National University of Singapore, among others.

Nearly 11% of full time faculty members are international, coming from 37 different countries/regions in the world. Over 55% of the full time faculty members in JGU are women and nearly 41% of the leadership positions are held by women faculty members across all the schools of JGU.

900+ Total Faculty Members
280+ Faculty from Top 100 Universities of the World
400+ Faculty from Top 500 Universities of the World
93 Full-time International Faculty from 37 Countries and Regions of the World