Student Voices

The curriculum is advanced and has a blend of Finance and Technology in it, which makes it one of the finest curriculums in the country. Jindal School of Banking & Finance has helped me grow as an individual. I feel the inter-disciplinary model of the university broadens our learning experience. The university hosts a variety of extra-curricular activities, which are a lot of fun
Sarthak Aneja
Delhi Public School, Siliguri, West Bengal
As a part of B.Com. (Hons.) I did my summer internship at Audi. My internship experience was very good. I am passionate about cars and it was a wonderful experience for me to get an internship with such a reputed brand. I worked with finance and other related divisions.
Bharat Kumar Aggarwal
Modern School, Vasant Vihar, Faridabad, Haryana
When I first started at O.P. Jindal Global (Institution of Eminence Deemed To Be University) a year ago, I was unsure about my future and was anxious about different challenges I was heading forward to face. But JGU gave me the support and confidence to grow both personally and professionally. It gave me an opportunity to enrich my knowledge, to learn and to grow gradually. The faculty members are helpful, open, encouraging and supportive. It is full of limitless opportunities.
Anushka Gupta
Nosegay Public School, Sri Ganganagar, Rajasthan
Studying at O.P. Jindal Global (Institution of Eminence Deemed To Be University) has been a joyous and knowledgeable experience for me till now. This is a great place to make amazing friends for a lifetime. The curriculum and education here are making me feel self-confident and open to criticism. The hostel life is making me much more independent and self-sufficient. The best part about this university is that it is helping me get out of my comfort zone and participate in activities.
Nimisha Nanda
Amity International School, New Delhi
Student life in JGU is one of the cherishing memories of my life because I made new friends who are from different parts of India and the world. I also learned to be independent and ask for help when I need. Moreover, the academic life of B.Com. (Hons.) is rigorous and it made me to move out of my comfort zone which had a profound positive impact on my behaviour. The professors’ teaching methods are fabulous, and they make me feel so comfortable in learning. What else a student can ask for?
Baraneetharan Ganesan
SSVM World School, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu
Jindal Global University has a very good structure, that provides you any kind of facilities you need while you are far away from home. All the professors are competent, students are very friendly and never hesitate to help you whenever you need; you will hardly feel alone or misunderstood. There is also a wide choice of food, with both spicy and non-spicy options, in a very clean canteen: it will be impossible not to find something you like!
Alessia Frapiccini
Exchange Student from University of Bologna, Italy