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Student Voices


Savya Gulati

I was not a commerce student during my high school years. I was a non-medical student who took computer science as an elective instead. But, around halfway through my science career, I decided it wasn’t for me; I couldn’t see myself living the rest of my life as a robot. I began my research and discovered the BA (Hons.) Finance & Entrepreneurship degree at JSBF, which was a fantastic match for my interests. Even in the event of the Covid strike, JSBF has made my first year of college the best it could be. Internships, societies, and events such as Biswamil and the GFC, among others, have been enjoyable to participate in. It’s been incredible to be a part of the various learning experiences in the fields of design, photography, dancing, and so on. I couldn’t have asked for better lecturers to lead me through this new field, as their perseverance has been extremely beneficial to me during my time as a banking and finance student. This experience gave me a whole fresh attitude and viewpoint. From an average student in the science stream to one of the members of the student council of JSBF, the professors have really unlocked the potential I never knew I had. 


Ananya Jain

As a prior student of medicine, I entered JSBF with many confusions and questions, and it’s not been that long since I’ve joined the stream but there’s one thing, I am definite about: I made the right choice choosing JSBF.
When we think about banking and finance, the first thought that comes to mind is typically not of fun and adventure, but that is not the case with the BCom. (Hons.) program, this course has changed my outlook on the world of finance, while it requires you to work hard, it also teaches you how to work smart, it gives you a reality check of the real world, it prepares you for the future in the best way possible. Here, I am learning true-world commerce under the guidance of some of the best minds I’ve come across.
Even in the online mode, it lives up to its name and promise. The faculty teach us and treat us well to help us achieve our full potential. The course structure is highly inclusive & comprehensive, it perfectly aligns with professional certifications like ACCA & CFA as well, and that is a testament to the perfect mix we learn here.
I can proudly say I had the privilege of interacting and learning from the brilliant minds around me, some are my fellow mates, some my professors and some are the esteemed guests we get to interact with regularly. I now feel a genuine responsibility to give other people some of the opportunities that I had. And I get to do so, by volunteering in the various social work societies and other academic clubs here itself.
I already see so many opportunities ahead of me, and it’s an amazing feeling when you get the balance of living your college life with a sense of security for the future and excitement in the present.
I am making the most of this journey and I am looking forward to making many wonderful memories, connections, and learning valuable lessons. From someone who began as a confused and nervous kid, I am sure I will leave JSBF a more confident & practical adult. 



I have always wondered about how college would differ from school. It took me a while to figure that out but now I am cognizant of various factors that school and college don’t have in common. Everything at JSBF is distinct, from the methodology to the class setup to the lecturers. I enrolled a little earlier than the rest of the class, and as a result, I was able to participate in JSBF’s “PRESTIGE SESSIONS.” Those sessions allowed me to see things more clearly when it came to studying at JSBF. They provided us with relevant insights about the college as well as the overall curriculum. They discussed numerous internship and research options that students may participate in. From the first day of my online classes, I realized the quantity of knowledge I gained from each class was immeasurable. The courses taught in the first semester challenge you intellectually and give you a perspective about the real word. Some of my favourite subjects are economics, excel, and emerging technology. Especially, In an online mode, studies get quite monotonous, but the professors have provided us with incredible number resources which makes it a lot easier to focus. in addition to this, JSBF has various educational societies that you can be a part of outside of your academics. I personally have taken up three societies. The JGU investment society, Mavericks-Coding society, and Finance and Accounting Society. The societies assist you in showcasing your leadership abilities on a larger platform all in all, my experience here has JSBF has been very educational and informative. I am really looking forward to my three years here at JSBF.

Ahan Shroff

Before joining this college I was thinking – is B.Com the right choice or not, is JSBF the right place etc. However, it has really been an amazing experience: First and foremost, due to the COVID-19 Pandemic I wasn’t able to go out, so the only way that I could retain my sanity was through classes. Classes were not only educational but also lots of fun; learning was finally a fun activity and not something that I was told to do. The experience that I had in school wasn’t great – school never encouraged me to do something out of the way or to discuss something that is not part of the curriculum. JSBF has been a whole new ball game where all my professors are hell bent on the fact that we go research, discuss about topics that we don’t understand and just be open to all arguments, criticisms and topics that we have never encountered before. This experience provided me with a whole new outlook and perspective: studying or reading, was, earlier, an exasperating activity, but the education and the experience that I have acquired at JSBF has opened my mind to a new world that I had never been encouraged to see before.

Prthika Bajaj

I am grateful to be a part of Jindal School of Banking & Finance which has a supportive environment where everyone is focused and encouraged to strive towards their goals. The best part is that we are taught in such a way that we can apply what we learn, practically in our jobs later. The support from staff and the online resources available has helped me cope with the academics smoothly. The professors were always there to help whenever needed. Even though this was an online semester there were numerous opportunities given through events like Biswamil and Global Finance Conclave that helped me grow my confidence level and made me stand out. Various class discussions and presentations made me gain more knowledge and skills. Personally, my experience here has been incredible and I am looking forward to be on campus soon.


Artham Mittal

JSBF’s B.Com(Hons) course is quite different from the traditional course and is sure to push students out of their comfort zone with its rigorous nature. Students are taught concepts that are relevant to today’s fast paced world by Professors who have years of experience in the industry themselves. Even though this course requires students to work hard, it prepares them well for what’s ahead of them, career wise. JSBF truly provides the highest quality of education and lives up to the ‘Global’ in its name. 

Mahek Goyal

The Jindal School of Banking and Finance has one of the finest curriculums in the country, and despite being in a virtual mode, it has not stopped them from providing the students the best. Coming from a science background, I had limited knowledge of finance. Still, the professors and seniors are accommodating and supportive, and you can approach them at any time, and they will reply within 24 hours. The teaching methods are interactive, and the professors have done a great job at communicating. I can’t wait to be on campus and meet everybody.


Yuvraj Singh

Success comes in a lot of ways, but it doesn’t come with money and it doesn’t come with fame. It comes from having a meaning in your life, doing what you love, and being passionate about what you do. Joining JGU was one such thing that I loved and was passionate about. I always wanted to study at an institution that allowed me to experience interdisciplinary action. I am not someone who just likes the traditional way of teaching and being submerged into one field of education. I wanted to try on different fields and gain knowledge from different disciplines of education. JGU is the place that identified my skills and helped me to grow as an individual. I believe I could not have hoped for a better start for my college life than being selected into the council and represent the voices of the student body. I was elected as the General Secretary of JSBF and started my tenure by proposing a need for a student-led committee for academic affairs. My accomplishment did not just stop here but motivated me to excel in other fields. After this, I applied for the position of the editorial board member at the JSBF REPORT and luckily got selected for it. It has been almost 6 months serving as the board member and each time a blog article comes, I learn something interesting and exciting about new things. As a student of JSBF, I am being trained to be ready for the upcoming transformation in the Banking and Finance industry. We are not just taught through the traditional approach but by a strong commitment to push the boundaries of excellence at the interface of finance, technology, and social sciences. The subjects which intrigue me the most are emerging technologies, law, corporate governance, Taxation, and data analytics through different programming languages. Being in JSBF has not just given me such academic exposure but also gave me a chance to participate in two prestigious programs in January 2021. I got a lifetime opportunity to take part in the Social Entrepreneurship challenge in the Asia Pacific (SECAP), wherein total, nearly 100 students from 3 countries, Indonesia, India, and Australia participated. It was a two-week international innovation challenge conducted in a pathbreaking partnership with Monash University, Melbourne, Australia, and Atma Jaya University in Jakarta, Indonesia, and industry partner Maker’s Asylum in India. The other international opportunity I received was to be a part of the “Business Sustainability in India and the UK within the Energy Sector” program organized in collaboration between Nottingham Trent University, UK and OP Jindal University, India, and funded by UKIERI. It gave me a chance to work with students from the UK, Mentors from NTU, and Industry experts from the top Energy sectors Companies like JSPL, Cheesecake energy ltd, etc. After being a part of this program, I got to know about the importance of sustainable development goals and understand the importance of business from a sustainability point. I also got a chance to research on one of the topics throughout my semester break. It helped me to understand the Art of researching and its importance as a student. I am still working with the paper and taking guidance to make it a success. I have also been selected for the Chai Chats – a virtual seminar series and student hackathon organized by the Australian Consulate in Mumbai and the Australia-India Youth Dialogue. There are endless opportunities that I could say I have got to discover at JSBF. The entire opportunities stated above are in the timespan of just one Semester, that too in a COVID-affected semester. I believe if JSBF can give me an ample amount of opportunity in a time of pandemic and that too within a semester where all are sitting at home, then I guess infinity is a word that would describe the number of opportunities I can get to experience when I will be on campus in a regular mode of teaching. I really look forward to the future endeavors and opportunities that JSBF beholds for me!!

Sarthak Aneja

Hi, I am Sarthak Aneja and I am the president of the Jindal School of Banking & Finance. I come from a small city called Siliguri, which is on the foothills of Darjeeling. Coming to the Jindal School of Banking and finance has helped me transform as an individual in ways one cannot imagine. In my school days you would always spot me balling on the basketball court and when it would come to academics I was just an average student. At first, I was really reluctant to come to Sonipat but when I first visited the campus I felt like this could be a perfect home away from home. It was when I was looking at the beautiful academic block and state of the art infrastructure that I decided that if I am going anywhere, this would be it. The curriculum’s practicality intrigued me so much that I started to top my class and that is when the tables turned for me and I started to top my class when Hons. Curriculum here, that naturally brought out the willingness within me to learn. The curriculum here covers almost all subjects that a masters level student would cover. From corporate finance to derivatives, the curriculum inculcates all of it, not only that but also unconventional areas of studies like renewable energy financing are included in our curriculum. The best part about the curriculum is that it is completely aligned with the CFA programme. Alongside studies the Jindal School of Banking & Finance also provided me with the wonderful opportunity to volunteer at the UNESCO’s first ever World Youth Conference on Kindness, where I stayed with nationalities from across the globe for almost a week and at the same time got the life time opportunity to listen to the President of India, Mr. Ram Nath Kovid’s speech. I also got to develop on my leadership skills further when I got the opportunity to serve as the Vice President (2019-20) and the president (2020-21) of the school. If I’m not studying or socialising, you’ll find me looking up aircrafts or probably shooting some hoops at the basketball court. I am currently in my sixth and final semester and have received offer letters from three universities abroad for a Finance Msc which are, the University of Warwick, Queen Mary University of London and the University of Westminster and I am sure none of this would have been achievable if I hadn’t decided to join Jindal. Recently I have also started working on a new venture, which is a cloud kitchen and will launch really soon. If I had to recommend banking and finance school to anyone in India, it would definitely without a thought be the Jindal School of Banking & Finance. This has surely been the best stage of my life not because of the fun that comes with the university life but because of the transformation it has brought about in me. Lastly, I believe that two things that I will take away from my time at Jindal are the willingness to learn and grow.

Roli Bansal

A shy, introverted girl entered JGU in July 2018 to begin a new journey of her life with absolutely no idea about what the next three years had to offer her. And that was me, Roli Bansal. My keen interest in the world of accountancy & finance and the multi-disciplinary curriculum offered by JSBF pulled me here. I was initially apprehensive about being able to adjust away from home. But within a few weeks, everything seemed to fall in place, and the campus felt like home!

The first year seemed to have passed away in the blink of an eye! But for an introvert like me, every day seemed to come with a new challenge, and an opportunity to overcome all fears and learn from them. With each passing day, I discovered a better version of myself. I felt more confident, more dedicated, more disciplined, and more responsible. At the beginning of the second year, I was selected to represent a group of freshers as their ‘Buddy’ during the Buddy Project 2019. And that was the time I realized that I was capable to take over more responsibilities and accountability, and hence, I decided to serve my school through the JSBF Student Council. And a few weeks later, I was elected as the first General Secretary & Treasurer of JSBF.

As the General Secretary and Treasurer at JSBF, I have learned a lot! From meeting new people and looking at a whole different world, to get an opportunity to be a part of the Organising Committee at the First Global Finance Conclave and interview some well-renowned professionals, to be able to represent my school as an Election Commissioner at COGSASH and work with senior faculty members and council members from different schools, from developing trust, good working relationship, leadership and teamwork skills, to represent myself as one who can take charge and get things done in order, and most importantly, time management! Being a student council member is not only about the duties that come along but also managing work outside the council. While this post brought lots of extra work on top of the academic workload, being the General Secretary and Treasurer at JSBF is one of my top experiences at JGU!

My other top experiences at JGU include the memories created with some amazingly adorable people, I love to call family now! From not knowing each other to knowing the person more than themselves, to completing assignments and cooking food together, we all grew up and not only got to know the other person better but ourselves as well! I grew as an individual, not only academically but also culturally and emotionally.

And today I’m here, about to complete my graduate degree, and I feel proud to say that joining JGU was one of the best decisions of my life! I’m grateful for everything it gave to me, be it academics, co-curricular, some life-changing experiences, highly educated and experienced mentors, or a new me! Today, I feel more confident and prepared for any situation to knock on my door. With all the learnings and experiences gained at JGU, I move forward to pursue further studies in the field of accounting and finance. I am so glad that I got the opportunity to be a part of JSBF and would encourage people to come here and experience the same!