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Student Leadership

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Student Leadership

Leadership is an important core value at JSBF. We try to inculcate the same in our students from first year itself. Students are given opportunities to hone and exhibit their leadership skills throughout the programme. One such initiative at JSBF is the Student Council.

JSBF Student Council members are office bearers who represent the JSBF student body at the JGU level. They are involved in expanding the dialogue with faculty and administration as well as raising the profile of JSBF. The candidates had an opportunity to present their manifesto and engage with other JSBF students in an online town hall. Election balloting followed the Australian preferential form of vote counting.

JSBF 2022 – 2023 Student Council Body :
Trishna S Nair | President of the JSBF Student Council

Hello! I am Trishna S Nair, a third year BCom Hons. student at the Jindal School of Banking an Finance.

I am very passionate about Finance and hope to pursue a career in the Financial Consultation space some day. I am also pursuing the ACCA certification along with my degree – and have successfully cleared 2 papers.

I have been elected as the President of the JSBF Student Council 2022-23. My vision for this council is to lead with experience, transparency and inclusivity. I aim to incorporate student ideas and provide them with a platform to voice their opinions and ideas.

“A good leader does not create followers, but creates more leaders” – this is a quote that has always driven my leadership approach. I will ensure that our student council empowers as many students to take on the responsibilities we hand them, in a much better state than was left to us.⭐️

Abhichandrika | Vice-president

hii everyone! I’m Abhichandrika, a final year B.Com (H) student at JSBF. I’ve been elected as your Vice-president for the academic year 2022-23.

 JGU has given me a ton of opportunities and overtime I’ve hopefully managed to turn those opportunities into experiences & learnings. My vision for JSBF is to make student involvement and representation paramount in every aspect.

 I’m optimistic that my experience, apprehension, and dedication can bring the change we all want to see for JSBF.

 I believe we have a long way to go as a school and it’s just the beginning of great opportunities for all of us. I’m extremely energetic & excited to work with everyone and make this academic year a blast for all of us 

Krish Parwani | Secretary

Hey y’all, my name is Krish Parwani and i have been elected as your new general secretary. A tough competition with a lot of plans. Working and dressing up formally is something i enjoy a lot  Other than this i love talking to new people and ig i can make a conversation out of nothing.

As your Gensec, you can trust me with the future of JSBF and hit me up anytime you want me to. 

Krishnna Mittaal | Cultural Secretary

Hey Everyone! I’m Krishnna Mittaal, a first year finance and entrepreneurship student.

I’ve been elected as your cultural secretary for this academic year.

 I’m passionate about helping others. And if you need any help or just want to do some fun stuff then I’m just a call away.

It’s just the beginning of a big opportunity for me and I will try to make the most of it.

I’m very energetic and exited to work with JSBF as their cultural secretary.

Don’t be afraid to try new things!!!⭐️

Prajit Aloor | Cultural secretary of JSBF

Hey guys! I’m Prajit Aloor, a second year finance and entrepreneurship student.

I am very passionate about indie music, art and playing the guitar, and I love watching TV shows and Formula 1.

As the cultural secretary of JSBF, I plan on ensuring more representation and participation for our school, and making this academic yer the most fun for all students. I will also focus on more inclusivity and support for student’s mental health and wellbeing. ⭐️