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JSBF 1Photo Economy Competition

As a part of our ongoing #JSBF4COVID19 Student Engagement Series, the JSBF1PhotoEconomy Competition seeks ORIGINAL submission of well-captioned and impactful photographs that push the boundaries of imagination of young university aspirants in how they perceive everyday finance, economics, commerce, and ways in which they believe the pandemic and the lockdown (or its relaxation) are being handled by people.

Your visualisation of the complex reality during COVID19, in a culturally-sensitive manner, that will bring forth novel perspectives to people, institutions & the State.

Exciting Prizes for Three Winners

Competition Theme

JSBF1PhotoEconomy Photo Competition as a part of the #JSBF4COVID19 student engagement series seeks submission of photographs of a local economic event, commercial practice, market process and scene, people at work and how markets/ citizens/ institutions are coping and figuring out innovative ways to carry on with their work and lives through the COVID19 pandemic and the easing of the lockdown.
The photograph and the accompanying one-line caption of the event/ process/ practice/ scene/ people should adequately capture the social/ economic/ financial/ cultural/ behavioural/ psychological/ ethical/ legal/ commercial/ anthropological impact you see of the ongoing COVID19 pandemic and the gradual easing of the lockdown. To participate, you have to share ONE original photograph describing the above in your vicinity/neighbourhood along with a one-line caption.


1. The last date to enter the competition is 27th June 2020 at 11:59 pm.
2. Participants to this competition must abide by local government requirements and lockdown restrictions which may not allow movement of people beyond a certain time. For details, please refer to the official government notification relevant to where you are based.
3. You can capture an event/process without going far away from home, but if you choose to venture out of your house then you must take all necessary precautions to safeguard your health. For details, please refer to the official government notification relevant to where you are based.
4. Participants will be invited to interact with experts in a webinar on the ongoing crisis and its impact on citizens, especially students who will be entering university in India this year. The participants will be informed about this webinar in due course.
5. In the final round of the competition, a small group of shortlisted finalists will be invited to share their thoughts and imagination behind the photograph they have submitted in an online conversation with the organisers and judges. This event will be held online tentatively on 3rd July 2020 and details will be shared in due course.
6. Incomplete submissions will not be considered.
7. Announcement of winners will be made on 5th/6th July 2020.
8. All participants must be aware of cultural sensitivities while taking photographs, but when permitted, capture it all! You must show respect, irrespective of cultural differences, and if a subject (individual, child or a group) is not comfortable being photographed then you must respect that. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” (Mahatma Gandhi).

Eligibility and Rules

What to submit

Submission of photograph must be along with the following (a) Full Name (b) Mobile Number (c) Email Address (d) School Name (e) Class 12 Stream (f) City and State (g) Caption of Photograph (One sentence of no more than 20 words).

Criteria for selection

  1. The effectiveness of the photograph in capturing reality and the uniqueness of what has been captured
  2. The ability to think creatively and the strength of the accompanying caption
  3. Presentation of the idea (only for finalists)