Out of Syllabus

1. Inequality and Covid-19

24th March, 2020

Speaker: Professor (Dr.) Ashish Bharadwaj

Description: The talk was framed around the pandemic (COVID-19) – what it means to the world and specifically India, the impact of the lockdown on millions of India’s underprivileged – the homeless, the refugees, the slum dwellers, the taxi drivers, the pensioners, the informal economy and a number of other categories of vulnerable communities.

2. Laws surrounding COVID-19

10th April, 2020

Speaker: Shohini Sengupta, Assistant Professor

Description: The talk was centered around the laws surrounding COVID-19 and some fundamental questions about what can be classified as a disaster in India, who can allowed to move, what goods and services people can access, and if there can be punished for violating orders.

3. Mathematics and its Math-ness!

18th February, 2021
Speaker: Prof. Nishika Bhatia, Lecturer, JSBF

4. Union Budget and Social Policy: Why should we care?

25th February, 2021
Shruti Ambast, Policy Analyst, CBGA

5. Finance and Gender: The Intersections

17th April’2021 

Speaker: Prof. Renuka Sane, Associate Professor, National Institute of Public Finance and Policy (NIPFP). 

Description: She has broadly covered various aspects of household finance, especially on household choice in financial instruments such as credit, pensions, insurance and equity markets and how gender plays an important role in almost of financial decision making and choice.  

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