Out of Syllabus

1. Inequality and Covid-19

24th March, 2020

Speaker: Professor (Dr.) Ashish Bharadwaj

Description: The talk was framed around the pandemic (COVID-19) – what it means to the world and specifically India, the impact of the lockdown on millions of India’s underprivileged – the homeless, the refugees, the slum dwellers, the taxi drivers, the pensioners, the informal economy and a number of other categories of vulnerable communities.

2. Laws surrounding COVID-19

10th April, 2020

Speaker: Shohini Sengupta, Assistant Professor

Description: The talk was centered around the laws surrounding COVID-19 and some fundamental questions about what can be classified as a disaster in India, who can allowed to move, what goods and services people can access, and if there can be punished for violating orders.