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Development Economics

Members engaged: Ishan Anand, Amlan Das Gupta and Soumyadip Roy 
Members of the centre have worked on the following projects in this field:

  1. Income inequality:

‘Recent Trends in Wealth Inequality in India’ Ishan Anand with Anjana Thampi (2016), Economic & Political Weekly, Vol. 51, No. 50, pp. 59-67 

  1. Agriculture and Land:


‘Dalit Emancipation and the Land Question’ (2016), Ishan Anand, Economic & Political Weekly, Vol. 51, No. 47, pp. 12-14 

The NDA-II Regime and the Worsening Agrarian Distress’ (2019) Ishan Anand with Arindam Banerjee, in A Quantum Leap in the Wrong Direction? Rohit Azad et al. (eds.), Orient BlackSwan 

 ‘Agricultural Growth and Distress in the Post-Liberalisation Era’, Ishan Anand, in The Handbook of Post-Reform Indian Economy, Komol Singha (ed.), Routledge 


 “Adoption of Global Best Practices and Modern Methods by Dairy Farmers and Milk Cooperatives in Haryana.”  – Amlan Dasgupta, Soumyadip Roy and Ram B. Ramachandran (JSBF), Funded by a JGU Research Grant. 


3. The influence of weather on voting behaviour.

The project studies the nature and magnitude of influence that temperature and rainfall have on turnout for political parties in Indian elections.  – Amlan Das Gupta with Ashokankur Datta (Shiv Nader University)