Conversations around Finance and Entrepreneurship (CAFÉ)

Jindal School of Banking & Finance (JSBF) welcomes you to the CAFÉ sessions (Conversations around Finance and Entrepreneurship). In these sessions, we bring together experienced professionals and academics from the world of finance and start-ups to discuss various contemporary issues that are of import to practitioners, entrepreneurs, and academics. Given the constantly evolving nature of the financial industry and the start-up sector, it is essential for professionals and academics working in these sectors to be aware of the new challenges and developments. These sessions aim to fill this requirement, of understanding issues and challenges that are at the cutting edge for young entrepreneurs, finance professionals, and academics so that they can identify the emerging trends and challenges. The CAFÉ sessions also give the audience an opportunity to learn from the personal experience of the speakers who are at the top of their fields.

Episode 1

In the first CAFÉ Session, Prof. Ashish Bharadwaj (Professor and Dean, JSBF) is in conversation with Ms. Asheeta Regidi (Head of Fintech Policy at Cashfree Payments) and Mr. Rohit Lohia (Vice President at Paytm). India’s fintech space has seen many developments and rapid evolution over the last few years. There have been several opportunities as well as challenges that have presented themselves not only to the incumbent players in this industry but also to the new entrants. These opportunities and challenges cover the entire spectrum ranging from regulatory issues, policy changes, corporate governance challenges, and business developments. Additionally, there were external shocks as well as the current COVID-19 crisis which has forced the industry along with several other sectors to adapt and evolve. It is in light of these developments that the speakers will be discussing the opportunities and challenges in India’s fintech industry. The speakers will also discuss the trends they foresee emerging and the skills needed for young professionals to succeed

Episode 2

Prof. Ashish Bharadwaj (Professor & Dean, Jindal School of Banking & Finance) speaks with Prof. (Dr.) Christian Catalini (Co-Creator of Libra; Chief Economist of the Libra Association; & Associate Professor at MIT Sloan (on leave)). The conversation revolves around how cryptocurrency can be used as an instrument of monetary policy, benefits that developing nations can draw from use of cryptocurrencies, concerns around misuse & corruption, and the story behind Libra. The speakers also discuss the skills needed for young professionals to pursue a career in cryptocurrency and related fields as well as recommendations for policymakers.

Episode 3

Prof. Ashish Bharadwaj (Professor & Dean, Jindal School of Banking & Finance) speaks with Ms. Shifali Jain (Senior Vice President & Group Head (Government Coverage), Axis Bank). The conversation revolves around how the challenges facing the banking sector in general and specifically due to COVID-19, growth opportunities for the Indian economy, proposed regulations governing the banking sector in India, how education institutions can prepare students for a career in the banking & finance industries as well as career advice for students.

Episode 4

In the fourth CAFÉ Episode. Prof. Ashish Bharadwaj (Professor & Dean, Jindal School of Banking & Finance) speaks with Mr. Nixon Joseph (President & Chief Operating Officer, SBI Foundation). The conversation revolves around the challenges facing the banking industry, the stress involved in banking & finance careers and how to handle it, opportunities with SBI Foundation – CSR platform of the State Bank of India, and advice for students on preparing for a career in the banking & finance industries.